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  • Internet Programming

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  • Impact of ownership structure on the level of voluntary disclosure: a study of listed family-controlled companies in Malaysia

    This paper investigates the level of voluntary disclosure in the annual reports of listed companies in Malaysia by examining the impact of ownership structure. A mixed methods approach was adopted to analyse the content and level of information disclosed voluntarily in companies’ annual...

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  • Impact of bank capital on non-performing loans: New evidence of concave capital from dynamic panel-data and time series analysis in Malaysia

    Amid the steep expansion in Malaysia household debt, we investigate the role of bank capital in disciplining non-performing loans (NPLs) after controlling for the macroeconomic environment. Utilizing generalized method of moments (GMM) on a dynamic panel-data of 19 commercial banks and stres...

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  • Hrm practices for knowledge management and retail firms’ performances: A comparative study among malay and chinese firms

    The current study examines the impact of human resource management (HRM) practices for knowledge management (KM) on perceived business performances among Malay and Chinese firms in Malaysia. Data were collected through a face-to-face survey with 200 owners of firms, comprising 100 Malay ...

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  • Corporate Sustainability and Financial Performance of Banks in Muslim Economies: The Role of Institutions

    Sustainability performance (SP) provides firms with the opportunities that if strategically handled could improve the financial performance of these firms through reputation building. This research aims to investigate the impact of SP on the bank's performance in Muslim countries. This resear...

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  • Bitcoin—A hype or digital gold? Global evidence

    This study explores whether Bitcoin constitutes as a hedging instrument whilst seeking portfolio diversification opportunities among sustainable, conventional and Islamic asset classes since Bitcoin emerges as a distinct alternative investment and asset class across the world. We apply multivariate ge...

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  • An econometric analysis of the underground economy and tax evasion in Kuwait

    Up to now, no individual study on Kuwait with respect to the underground economy and tax evasion has been conducted using the recent adjusted form of currency demand function model (CDFM) before. This paper estimates the size of underground economy behind tax evasion from 1991...

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  • Review on service quality in fast food restaurant. Customer satisfaction as mediator

    The purpose of this study is to measure the relationship between service quality and food quality towards customer loyalty. This study also measures customer satisfaction as the control variable. Customer today is very concerns about their health and diet. Awareness on health is in...

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  • Mediating Role of Organizational Innovation on Market Orientation and Business Performance: SEM-AMOS Approach

    This study investigated the mediating role of organizational innovativeness on the relationship between market orientation and performance. Past literature has not fully investigated which strategy among market development (international expansion) and technology development (investment in research and developm...

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  • Guiding young animation talents

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