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  • Internet Programming

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  • Therapy Monitoring Robot.

    The purpose of rehabilitation is to let the patient who has difficulties of moving some parts of their body to recover. Patient will work one-on-one with physiotherapist who helps them to repeatedly perform the exercise but unfortunately, the number of physiotherapist becomes limited&#x...

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  • The Development Of Factory Monitoring In High Radio Frequency Interference Using Arduino

    The objective of this documentation is to detect and monitor the Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) or Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) by using the specific module and system that will fully complied with detailed explanations on engineering aspect regarding the knowledge gained and valua...

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  • Sorting And Monitoring Of Recycle Item With IOT

    The development of this project will bring out an automated recycle bin which able to sort metal and nonmetal item that can be monitor through IOT. The ideas of this project came out from the problem statement which Recyclable materials end up mistakenly disposed to gener...

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  • Solar - Powered Bluetooth Sound System

    In modern electronic devices for both consumer and industrial, wireless technology is rapidly becoming a must have feature. Wireless Bluetooth technology is now standard in almost all mobile phones, laptops and other devices. There are a few similar projects on the market previously...

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  • The Development Of Galvanic Skin Response For Depressed People.

    University education and its environment are totally different from the nature of learning at the high school. The university students are facing a lot of challenges such as academic stress, financial problem, independent living, and future career planning. These factors predispose them ...

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  • Real-time Accident Notification to Emergency Medical Services in Brunei Darussalam

    Traffic accidents happen regularly which may cause fatalities to those involved. There are cases where victims of traffic accidents require immediate help in order to survive and this is possible by promptly providing the victims with help and support from nearby emergency services....

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  • Water Quality Monitoring Using Wireless Sensor Networks

    Water quality monitoring is one of the application to determine the quality of aquatic systems. Poor water quality will cause health risk to people and ecosystems. Sg Pahang is one of a popular spot for a caged catfish breeder. However, due to the rapid development, pollu...

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  • Malaysia Public Bus Monitoring Real-Time System

    In today's world, transportation system has a very vital role to play in day to day life. However, when it comes to take the public transportation especially bus transport, time and patience are of essence. In the other word, many people who use bus transport have...

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  • Lower Limb Rehabilitation Equipment With Animation Performance For Isotonic And Isokinetic Exercises

    Lower limb rehabilitation as assisted by physiotherapists plays an important role for post-stroke recovery to help patient to regain body movement, gait and speech capabilities in which the rehabilitation process is performed at the hospital or rehabilitation centre. However, transporting the...

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