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  • Internet Programming

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  • Development of Smart Glove Rehabilitation Device (Sgrd) for Parkinson's Disease

    Over the past decade, significant papers have shown that rehabilitation exercise is efficient in enhancing Parkinson's disease efficiency. However, the previous devices in Parkinson Disease Rehabilitation are not very efficient as they are far too complicated, heavy in size, and difficult...

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  • Development of Control System for Dual NC Machine with Single 6-Axis Robot

    NC machine now widely used in industry especially in cutting process. It is precision cutting machine but however the effectiveness of this machine is less effective because it used manual handling to operate. For manual handling, it has many factors that affect the performance...

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  • Effects of Colloidal Nanosilica on Epoxy-based Nanocomposite Coatings

    Epoxy-based nanocomposites were fabricated with different content of colloidal silica nanoparticles such as 10.0, 20.0 and 30.0 wt %, through solution casting. The covalent bonding interfaces, resulting from a ring-opening reaction between silica nanoparticles and epoxy matrix were confirmed by t...

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  • Effective composite membranes of cellulose acetate for removal of benzophenone-3

    In thiswork,Cellulose acetate/Zinc oxide-Zeolite composite membranes were successfully synthesized via a simple DIPS method for the removal of benzophenone- 3 from water.The influence of the different concentrations of cellulose acetate and Zeolites-Zinc Oxide Nano composite particles were prepared an...

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  • Did Conventional Interest Rate Influence Islamic Total Deposits? Evidence From January 2007 Till January 2019

    This study is carried out to examine the influence of Malaysian conventional interest rate and narrow money supply (M1) upon the growth of Islamic total deposits (ITD) in Malaysia Islamic financial system. Even though it is a known fact that there is a clear separation be...

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  • Developing a Virtual Reality (VR) App for Theory of Flight & Control as a Teaching & Learning Aid

    This research focuses on how a group of lecturers, specialists, and final-year undergraduates developed a virtualreality app from scratch. By utilizing a combination of software (Autodesk Maya and Unity 3D) and hardware (custom-made VR goggle and an Android-based smartphone), an app was ...

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  • Design the Monohull by Using Inventor Software

    This research is about the design of the monohull by using Inventor software. The monohull is used to generate ship floating dry docks. There are two components to design the ship floating dry docks, main component and sub-component. The complete main component and sub-component&#x...

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  • Defect Analysis on Boeing 737-400 Skin Panel Rivet Row Aft Ward Fuselage

    Non-destructive testing defect analysis has been long used as a lead to safeguard against an incident due to damage limitation. This is especially vital for the aging aircraft to protection against possible issue respectively. Defect analysis using non-destructive testing mean to be con...

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  • Crude Oil Price and Exchange Rates - The Case of Malaysia and Brunei

    This study is driven by the motivation to investigate the impacts crude oil price fluctuations on Malaysian and Brunei exchange rates as proxied by RM/USD and BD/USD respectively. Even though there is no specific economic theories that can help explain the interaction between&...

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