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  • Internet Programming

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  • Dimples effectiveness on naca4415 airfoil

    Surface modification on NACA 4415 airfoil has been done by utilizing inward dimple and outward dimple at location 50% chord length from the leading edge. The semi-sphere shape dimple was used to investigate the performance of aerodynamic efficiency when the angle of attack increase...

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  • Development of open-circuit small-scale wind tunnel-airfoil validation and aerodynamic efficiency

    This small-scale open-circuit wind tunnel designed in subsonic flow The performance of constructed of small-scale wind tunnel on NACA 0018 airfoil with velocity of 5ms and 10m/s with respect to Reynolds number 50 000 and 100 000 has been utilized. The angle of attack was&...

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  • Customer relationship management (Crm) in the airline industry: Relationship marketing perspective

    The objective of this article is to shed light on the key strategy of the airline industry players in maintaining the relationship with their customer. Additionally, this study provides a framework of relationship marketing activities within the airline cargo business, airline company a...

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  • Challenges in sustainable supply chain management of live animal trading: A case study of live animal industry in Malaysia

    There are various challenges of the live animal industry, not just in Malaysia but also to many parts of the world. This study focuses on the supply chain management of live animal trading in Malaysia. This study aims to investigate the challenges specifically in supply c...

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  • A preliminary experiment of the impregnation process of the bamboo and glass woven fabric pre-impregnated (Pre-preg) based on epoxy resin

    Woven natural fabric has gain attention in the composite for its biodegradable materials, low in manufacturing cost, and easy to obtain. A preliminary experiment was conducted in order to determine the quality of impregnation process for woven bamboo and glass fabric pre-pregs. Nine...

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  • 18,000 suntikan vaksin AZ sehari di PWTC

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  • Kerjasama mahasiswa , universiti tangani isu tekanan emosi

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  • Cooperation between students and university to deal with emotional stress

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  • Brand establishment in the aviation sector: An inductive approach

    As the field of aviation branding is rarely explored, this study focuses on the brand establishment in Malaysia aviation industry. This article explains how aviation players ranging from airline, airline cargo, airline catering, ground handler and MROs define branding. Additionally, this art...

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