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  • Internet Programming

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  • Their goal is clear

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  • Effect of isothermal aging and copper substrate roughness on the SAC305 solder joint intermetallic layer growth of high temperature storage (HTS) [Kesan penuaan isoterma dan kekasaran permukaan substrat kuprum ke atas pertumbuhan lapisan...

    This study aims to evaluate the effect of copper (Cu) substrate surface roughness on the intermetallic compound (IMC) growth and interfacial reaction of SAC305 lead-free solder joint after undergone an aging process. Aging process was conducted using high temperature storage (HTS) at te...

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  • Distribution network planning enhancement via network reconfiguration and DG integration using Dataset Approach and Water Cycle Algorithm

    The integration of network reconfiguration and distributed generation (DG) can enhance the performances of overall networks. Thus, proper sizing and siting of DG need to be determined, otherwise it will cause degradation in system performance. However, determining proper sizing and siting of...

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  • Design of shunt hybrid active power filter for compensating harmonic currents and reactive power

    For the past two decades, tremendous advancements have been achieved in the electricity industry. The usage of non-linear loads in the daily life has affected the power quality of the system and caused the presence of harmonics. To compensate the harmonic currents and reactive ...

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  • Design and experimental analysis of dual-band polarization converting metasurface for microwave applications

    The manipulation of polarization state of electromagnetic waves is of great importance in many practical applications. In this paper, the reflection characteristics of a thin and dual-band metasurface are examined in the microwave frequency regime. The metasurface consists of a 22 × 22 eleme...

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  • Crowd monitoring and localization using deep convolutional neural network: a review

    Crowd management and monitoring is crucial for maintaining public safety and is an important research topic. Developing a robust crowd monitoring system (CMS) is a challenging task as it involves addressing many key issues such as density variation, irregular distribution of objects, oc...

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  • Optimized artificial neural network to improve the accuracy of estimated fault impedances and distances for underground distribution system

    This paper proposes an approach to accurately estimate the impedance value of a high impedance fault (HIF) and the distance from its fault location for a distribution system. Based on the three-phase voltage and current waveforms which are monitored through a single measurement in&...

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  • Optimal power scheduling of renewable energy sources in micro-grid via distributed energy storage system

    This research is mainly focusing on the optimal power management by controlling the charging and discharging modes of the battery storage of the micro-grid (MG). A droop-based controller or battery controller is proposed for this work in order to optimize the power management of&#x...

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  • Non-oriented electrical steel sheet: the magnetic properties losses on thickness lamination using Epstein Tester Frame

    Reducing lamination thickness of steel sheets can reduce the overall loss especially in core loss and copper loss. These research paper shows the impact of lamination thickness on the voltage induced of power loss for the Non-Oriented Electrical Steel Sheet. This study was conducte...

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