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  • Internet Programming

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  • Analysis of convective transport of temperature-dependent viscosity for non-newtonian erying powell fluid: A numerical approach

    Non-Newtonian is a type of fluid that does not comply with the viscosity under the Law of Newton and is being widely used in industrial applications. These include those related to chemical industries, cosmetics manufacturing, pharmaceutical field, food processing, as well as oil a...

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  • The Role of Information Technology on the Muslim Community in the Era of Globalization and Digitalizatio

    In the era of globalization and standardization, Information Technology (IT) brought many changes in people’s lives, it also influenced people's behaviour, communication, and lifestyle. The ability of IT in the business and community is to sustain in an increasingly competitive and globa...

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  • The Impact of COVID-19 Crisis upon the Effectiveness of E-learning in Higher Education Institution

    The infestation of the world pandemic has significantly changed the landscape of teaching and learning experience in Malaysia. Particularly for the institution under study, E-learning, previously used as the support medium to face-to-face classroom teaching, has become the primary medium of ...

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  • Implementing the Blockchain Technology in Islamic Financial Industry: Opportunities and Challenges

    Blockchain technology is rapidly gaining the attention of financial institutions around the world, especially among decision makers in Islamic financial institutions who are planning to apply this innovative technology into their institutions activities which could be an upright solution for thei...

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  • Gauging Customer Expectation over Mobile Cellular Services in Malaysia

    This study focuses on the consumer experience of telecommunications service quality in Malaysia. Malaysia's penetration rate has gone over 100 percent, meaning that each person in Malaysia has at least one account registered with the telecommunications provider. Telecommunications industry competi...

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  • Factors influencing the use of E-wallet among millennium tourist

    The development of information and communication technologies changes how many industries and services operate. Those changes are also concerning all sectors of the travel industry, although some more than others. Mobile access to the internet allows consumers to purchase through transaction-base...

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  • Factors Affecting the Adoption of Digital Transformation among SME’s in Malaysia

    Digital Transformation has not been foreign to people in emerging economic growth, especially SME entrepreneurs in developing countries such as Malaysia. Digital transformation adoption is a way for an enterprise to improve the use of technology in a better way. But as the digital&...

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  • Factors Affecting Mobile Banking Adoption

    Mobile Banking has always been the focus of the banks to provide an alternative banking channel for the bank customers. However, the adoption rate was still relatively low and increased gradually over the decade. Thus, it is important to examine the factors affecting Mobile Ba...

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  • A career in data science

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