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  • Internet Programming

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  • A Recommender system for Finding Products from Next Door Virtual manufacturer or Supplier: A conceptual Study

    Electronic Commerce (EC) platform which is widely known as E-Marketplace handles milion of transaction over internet. While individual user of E-marketplace frequently interact with a shorter supply chain Business-to-Business (B2B) users, on the other hand, manage multiply interaction with multiple&#x...

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  • Regulator Perspective on Halal Air Cargo Warehouse Compliance

    In establishing a successful Halal supply chain, Syariah compliancy has emerged as a key issue. Halal transport and Halal warehouse play a significant role in maintaining the integrity of the Halal products from point of origin to end of consumption. The escalating demand for ...

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  • Linking Halal Requirement and Branding:

    There is something very appealing about Halal branding and its linked to Halal requirements. The establishment of Halal branding is actually closely related to Syariah compliance requirements. This study aims to explore how Halal branding is created in the context of Halal Flight K...

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  • Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Networks for Intent-based Dynamic Behavior Capture

    Malware analysis for Android systems has been the focus of considerable research in the past few years due to the large customer base moving towards Android, which has attracted a corresponding number of malware writers. Several techniques have been used to dete...

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  • Syrian Youth in Za’atari Refugee Camp as ICT Wayfarers: An Exploratory Study Using LEGO and Storytelling

    We share insights from exploratory research with Syrian youth at the Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan about the role of information and mobile technology in their daily lives, and how they serve as information, communication and technology (ICT) wayfarers. Survey findings (n=174) show&#x...

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  • Program Teknologi Telekomunikasi UniKL BMI

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  • Sistem Analisis Kawalan Injap Pneumatik

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  • The Effect of Internet of Things (IOT) Towards Social Sciences Student’s Performance

    This study is to evaluate the effect of IoT towards social sciences student’s class performance. This is to measure whether IoT contribute to their performance or not. It is found that e-learning modules are most preferred by the students as compared to blended learning and&#x...

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  • Mobile Crowd Sensing Application for Noise Monitoring in Kuala Lumpur

    Mobile Crowd Sensing (MCS) technology enables mobile devices, such as smart-phones or other android-based de¬vices that are equipped with embedded sensors to gather relevant data for research work. Typically, the MCS appli¬cation field ranges from online social-media monitoring, transportation system&...

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