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  • Internet Programming

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  • An exploratory study on the readiness of Non-Muslim Rice manufacturer towards the implementation of Halal logistics

    The objective of this study is to unveil the issues encountered in Halal logistics implementation from the perspective of a Non-Muslim rice manufacturer. Since Halal is pertinent for the Muslim and also to the non-Muslim, it makes halal products were recognized and known globally&#...

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  • Investigation of Customer Purchase Intention towards Car Battery On-Site Delivery Services

    This study investigates the factors that influence customers’ purchase intention among customers. Through a self-administered questionnaire, data were collected from eighty-eight (88) customers who had experience using the service of on-site delivery of a car battery. This study is a...

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  • Two inputs of energy sources in electric vehicle

    In these days, many people have their own cars to make the life easier. Unfortunately, the fuel price has increased week by week. To solve this problem, the hybrid solar energy and electric cars are introduced in order to reduce the consumption of car fuel. The main&...

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  • Effects of Temporal Frequency Towards Visual Roughness Perception by Drifted Grating Stimulation

    Previous studies proved that in addition to spatial characteristics function in extracting roughness information, there are potential roughness dependability across changes in the temporal mechanisms of textured surfaces. In the present study, we created temporal coding mechanism by converting fine&#x...

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  • Gear up for a bright future

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  • Pendidikan modal insan kembalikan Malaysia jadi 'Harimau Asia'

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  • Jumlah pelajar MARA ke Korea akan ditambah

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  • Innovate Malaysia Design Competition 2019

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  • Producing global graduates

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