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  • Potential of marine terpenoids against sars-cov-2: An in silico drug development approach

    In an emergency, drug repurposing is the best alternative option against newly emerged severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection. However, several bioactive natural products have shown potential against SARS-CoV-2 in recent studies. The present study selected sixty-eight broad-...

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  • Physicochemical characteristics and in vitro toxicity/anti-sars-cov-2 activity of favipiravir solid lipid nanoparticles (Slns)

    The rise of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases worldwide has driven the need to discover and develop novel therapeutics with superior efficacy to treat this disease. This study aims to develop an innovative aerosolized nano-formulation of favipiravir (FPV) as an anti-viral agent against coronaviru...

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  • Optimization study of caffeine adsorption onto large surface area wood activated carbon through central composite design approach

    Activated carbon from Acacia mangium wood was prepared by chemical activation using H3PO4 under optimum conditions (OAMW-AC). In this study, a rotatable central composite design of response surface methodology was used to optimize the adsorption capacity of OAMW-AC against caffeine molecules....

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  • Praxis of technology and tools in COVID-19 response

    The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has affected around forty million people worldwide and causing over a million deaths. Since no treatment guideline is considered the most efficient, and with no vaccine approved for prophylaxis, currently the COVID-19 response demands efficient use of available&...

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  • HER2/neu-based peptide vaccination-pulsed with B-cell epitope induced efficient prophylactic and therapeutic antitumor activities in TUBO breast cancer mice model

    Breast cancer is the most common invasive cancer diagnosed among women. A cancer vaccine has been recognized as a form of immunotherapy with a prominent position in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer. The majority of current breast cancer vaccination strategies aim to&#x...

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  • Exploring culture, religiosity and spirituality influence on antihypertensive medication adherence among specialised population: A qualitative ethnographic approach

    Background: Hypertension is one of the major risk factors of stroke and leading risk factors for global death. Inadequate control of blood pressure due to medication non-adherence remains a challenge and identifying the underlying causes will provide useful information to...

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  • Dual action gels containing DsiRNA loaded gold nanoparticles: Augmenting diabetic wound healing by promoting angiogenesis and inhibiting infection

    Hyperglycemia induces the prostaglandin transporter (PGT) gene overexpression, leading to poor vascularization and wound healing. Dicer substrate small interfering RNA (DsiRNA) and gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) co-loaded into PF127 gel was developed to overcome the disturbance and infections. The AuNPs w...

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  • COVID-19-associated mucormycosis and treatments

    In the current pandemic, COVID-19 patients with predisposing factors are at an increased risk of mucormycosis, an uncommon angioinvasive infection that is caused by fungi with Mucor genus which is mainly found in plants and soil. Mucormycosis development in COVID-19 patient is related&#...

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  • Energy Management System in Microgrids: A Comprehensive Review

    As promising solutions to various social and environmental issues, the generation and integration of renewable energy (RE) into microgrids (MGs) has recently increased due to the rapidly growing consumption of electric power. However, such integration can affect the stability and security of...

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