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  • Internet Programming

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  • Consumer intention toward green electrical products: A case study in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

    The research on Malaysian consumers' behavior toward green products is still insufficient. This study has applied an extended Theory of Planned Behavior to predict consumer intention to purchase green electrical product in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. This study examined the relationship between&#x...

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  • Selecting Classifiers for Atrial Flutter Localization Using Pooled Cross-Validation Results in More Consistent Performance in Small-Sample Situation

    Selecting learning machines such as classifiers is an important aspect when it is used for diagnosis in the clinic. K-fold cross-validation is a practical technique that allows simple inference of such learning machines. However, the classical recipe generates many models and does not&#...

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  • Energy Cost Saving Potential by Using Light Emitting Diode Lamps: A Case Study at a Female Hostel

    The statistics from the Energy Commission (EC) show the demand for energy is increasing rapidly. This factor will eventually lead to the hike in price of energy. One of the examples that require high usage of electricity is the commercial buildings. Commercial buildings include...

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  • Mobile Flood Detector Alert System

    Flash floods are devastating to all, especially in lowland regions. Information relay is very important in flood mitigation. Typical solutions in relaying flood information are statically built near bridges or along flood-prone roads. In contrast, Mobile Flood Detector Alert System (Mobile F...

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  • Development of Water Quality System in Residential Area

    Water problems in the residential area happened quite often a few years back until now but remain unsettled, especially regarding low water pressure. The water provider purely needs a significant water monitoring and alert system to overcome this issue. Over the past years, Selango...

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  • Development of Smart Room for Automated Lighting and Fan by Using IoT Application

    This prototype is a stand-alone automated light and fan speed controller that regulates the strength of the light and speed of an electric fan according to our specifications. This closed-loop feedback control system is made effective and stable by the use of smart sensors. Fi...

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  • Effect of bismuth flux on the optical and morphological properties of GaAsBi grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy

    Optical and morphological characterizations of GaAsBi bulk layer with different bismuth fluxes are reported in this work. A set of GaAsBi samples are grown by using MBE machine at fixed growth temperature and layer thickness. Bismuth cell temperature ranging between 450 to 475 ℃&#x...

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  • Get your Masters in Creative Digital Media (MCDM) at UniKL

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  • The 21st Century Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): The Shift of Re-verse Logistics Applied to Circular Economy

    Reverse logistics plays the key role in the realization of the circular economy. Reverse logistics is the driving force of the forming of circular economy. A circular economy has become a key strategy for implementing sustainable development. Sustainability is the mechanism that enables...

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