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  • Internet Programming

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  • SML-1 Mampu Laras Tempat Duduk Ikut Kecerunan

    Penyelidik UniKL BMI bangunkan kerusi roda automatik mampu milik

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  • Skills to manage automotive trade

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  • Development of Hydroponic Control System by using Arduino for Agriculture

    Hydroponics is a word from a Greek word, “Hydropanos”. “Hydro” means water, and “Panos” means labor, meaning working water [1]. Hydroponics is a technique of growing a plant in water. Literally, this gardening method does not used soil. The hydroponics system will directly supply&#...

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  • A Study of Load Balancing Effectiveness on SIP Network

    Load balancing is the ability of the system to distribute network traffic efficiently. Due to time-sensitive nature of Voice over Internet Protocol, the system needs to be able to serve with almost excellent quality. Therefore, implementation of load balancing protocol is crucial in...

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  • Flood Monitoring and Early Warning System

    Flood is natural disaster caused by the rise of water level typically in urban areas. This phenomenon can cause damages to properties such as building and landscape. Moreover, it also can cause death among humans and animals. Malaysia is among the country&...

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  • Development of Portable Climate Test Chamber with Divided Flow Process for Temperature and Humidity Sensor Calibration

    Temperature and Humidity sensor are important sensors that are used in the domestic and industry nowadays. Temperature and Humidity sensor calibration usually need to be calibrated at least once a year to ensure its reliability. The current humidity calibration chamber size is too ...

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  • Development of Voice Alert for Blind People

    Visually impaired people faces many challenges in their routine life. To move around and make themselves familiar with the environment, they usually have to depend on others help. In this work, we present a voice alert system for visually impaired people that can help them...

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  • Development of Autonomous Hexapod Robot Locomotion in Complex Scenario

    Nowadays robots are utilized to do dull activities or occupations considered excessively unsafe for people. A hexapod robot basically is a six-legged walking robot which is statically steady on at least three legs also has a lot of adaptability in negotiate with surface....

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  • Development of Wireless Distribution Board Energy Consumption and Power Quality Monitoring System

    The difficulty to detect overuse of energy and the absence of measuring equipment to identify the presence of PQ problems have led to the development of this project. The wireless distribution board energy consumption and power quality analysis system aims to&#...

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