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  • Internet Programming

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  • Control of pH neutralization process using PLC-PID compact controller

    This study focuses on controlling the pH neutralization process in the Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) pre-treatment process. The pH value is one of the parameters that need to be followed based on Standards A and B of the Environmental Quality (Industrial Effluents) Regulations ...

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  • UniKL - MFI students shine bright at Robot Games

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  • Effectiveness on Training Method Using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Applications in Automobile Engine Assembly

    Training and education have become increasingly crucial in obtaining new skills in a variety of fields, especially in assembly and disassembly operations. The main issue in mechanical engineering, particularly in the assembly department, was that automobile engine components assembly was found&#x...

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  • The Degradation of Mechanical Properties Caused by Acetone Chemical Treatment on 3D-Printed PLA-Carbon Fibre Composites

    The paper presents the effect of short-term acetone chemical treatment on PLA-carbon fibre composite mechanical properties, manufactured using the fused deposition modelling (FDM) technique. In this research, PLA-carbon fibre’s tensile and dynamic mechanical properties were studied for six different t...

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  • Tensile and Corrosion Resistance Studies of MXenes/Nanocomposites: A Review

    MXenes are a relatively new and interesting class of two-dimensional materials with diverse compositions and outstanding characteristics such as dispersibility and metallic conductivity. MXenes appear to be promising fillers for polymer nanocomposites, and data from several studies suggest that this&#...

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  • Effect of Nanofillers on the Mechanical Properties of Epoxy Nanocomposites

    In this research, various types of nanofillers were prepared to investigate the impact of nanofillers on the mechanical properties of the epoxy matrix. Tensile testing, dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) have been used to compare the efficacy of fou...

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  • Cutting Strategy of Polymer Composite Material for Aerospace Engineering Application

    Despite the popular use of hybrid fibers in polymer composite in aerospace applications, it comes with a price where it is expensive and has a complex process to produce. A new alternative method of using nanocomposite using natural fiber such as Epoxy/Graphene is getting ...

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  • Natural Hydraulic Lime Mortars for Hot-Humid Climates: Effects of Oyster Shells as Seeding Compound

    This study explored the effects of formulation modifications of natural hydraulic lime (NHL) mortars exposed to hot temperature and high humidity conditions. The modified mortars were seeded by oyster shell powder, partially replacing the sand. The mortar samples underwent a curing period&#x...

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  • The Effects of Chicken Eggshell Powder as Fine Aggregate Replacement on Mortar Pore Structure

    Using alternative resources from industrial by-products to produce aggregates while keeping production costs as low as possible would be environmentally beneficial and profitable. This study aims to examine the effect of the pore on mortar properties with eggshell powder (ESP) as its fi...

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