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  • Internet Programming

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  • High demand for engineering and tech

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  • IA-B218-02 Identification Of Circular Object Using Image Processing

    The application for counting coins commonly limited with this facility because the components used not generally in market. However, the application does acknowledge its presence has been helping users in this complicate counting beside with conventional. Moreover, the high of l...

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  • IOT-Based Cat Feeder And Home Surveillance System

    This work represents the cat feeder’s new technology concept. People get busier with their lives and sometimes forget to take so good care of their cat’s time to eat and need some help to relieve their burden. The objectives of this project is to develop IoT-Based Ca...

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  • The Nursing Practice Procedure Manual - Part 2

    The Nursing Practice Procedure Manual (Part 2), written especially for novice nursing students and have been designed to support student nurses in clinical practice. Providing essential information on basic nursing procedures, this manual contains the skills and changes in practice that refl...

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  • Kesan Penyejukan: Bagaimana Ia Dihasilkan?

    ‘Kesan Penyejukan: Bagaimana ia Dihasilkan’ merupakan sebuah buku yang menggabungkan tentang keperluan sistem penyejukan di dalam kehidupan manusia, kesan sistem penyejukan terhadap alam sekitar dan teknik-teknik menghasilkan kesan penyejukan. Buku ini diakhiri dengan perbincangan ringkas tentang sistem penyeju...

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  • Best Practices In Academic Writing

    The aim of this book is to assist you in preparing documents related to your postgraduate study. This book is not meant to be a sole reference, but I do believe that it contains most of the elements that you need in writing good research proposals, theses, journ...

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  • Guiding future specialists to success

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  • GiatMara harumkan nama Malaysia di persada dunia

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  • Enriching technical studies

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