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  • Internet Programming

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  • Solar Desiccant Cooling System as an Alternative Solution for Net-Zero Energy Buildings (NZEBs) in the Tropical Regions

    The development of energy-efficient cooling systems is a major challenge for Net-Zero Energy Buildings (NZEBs) in tropical climates. This study proposes a solar-assisted two-stage hybrid desiccant cooling system as an energy-efficient air conditioning (AC) system for use in tropical NZEBs. TRNSYS...

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  • Growth of GaAsBi/GaAs multiple quantum wells with up to 120 periods

    In this work, we demonstrate the MBE growth of a systematic series of GaAsBi/GaAs multiple quantum well devices with up to 120 periods and report on their structural and optical characterisation. TEM images confirm the incorporation of a record number of wells for this ma...

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  • Energy Audit of a Classroom in the Hot and Humid Region: Effect of Mechanical Dehumidification on Energy Consumption

    Air conditioning (AC) systems are the most energy-consuming systems in buildings in hot and humid climates. This study investigates the effect of mechanical dehumidification on the energy apportioning of the conventional cooling system in hot and humid regions. An energy audit was carri...

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  • A Study of Zero Bid Wind Farm for Future Scotland’s Energy Demands—A New Approach

    Offshore wind is in a rapid transitional phase, pushed worldwide by efforts of those to reduce climate change. Wind power is becoming a commercialised, unsubsidised competitive form of low carbon generation of renewable energy. Marketplaces reflect this growing trend with the first intr...

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  • Transformer Population Failure Rate State Distribution, Maintenance Cost and Preventive Frequency Study Based on Markov Model

    This work investigates the state distributions of failure rate, performance curve, maintenance cost and preventive frequency of the transformer population through the Markov Model (MM). The condition parameters data of the oil samples known as Oil Quality Analysis (OQA), Dissolved Gas Analys...

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  • Development of Blood Oxygen Level, Heart Rate and Temperature Monitoring System by Using ESP32

    Telehealth plays an even greater role in global healthcare delivery today. Ever since the pandemic strikes the world, the use of healthcare monitoring systems has a massive boost significantly. This paper aims to develop a prototype of a health monitoring device that can be pu...

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  • Analysis Of Ground FFB Detection Via Real Sense Camera

    Applications utilizing 3D Camera technologies for detecting fruit in the agriculture sector continue to expand. The Intel RealSense is one of the leading 3D depth sensing cameras, currently available on the market and aligns itself for use in many applications, including robotics, autom...

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  • Development of Automated Drainage System

    Drainage automated system is an important monitoring device to make sure that the city is always clean and safe. Manual monitoring inside the manhole is incompetent and workers could be exposed to many problems during the monitoring. Therefore, an automated drainage system is propo...

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  • Analysis on Four Derivative Waveforms of Photoplethysmogram (PPG) for Fiducial Point Detection

    Fiducial points of photoplethysmogram (PPG), first derivative PPG (VPG), and second derivative PPG (APG) are essential in extracting numerous parameters to diagnose cardiovascular disease. However, the fiducial points were usually detected using complex mathematical algorithms. Inflection points from deriv...

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