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  • An Integrated And Modular Guide Book For Preclinical Students: Endocrine System Module

    The Endocrine Module primarily deals with the endocrine organs, hormones, physiological & biochemical functions and the pathological changes. Doctors of the 21st century will be more challenging and holistic in their professional practice. Therefore, they will have to acquire mastery&#...


  • Theory Of Flight And Control

    This e-book covers subjects that relates on the aeroplane’s nomenclature, theory of flight and its control. The reader will acquire the knowledge on physic of atmosphere, the various aerodynamic effects and forces exerted on an aeroplane and how these forces are being manipulated t...


  • Practical Guide To Ir4.0 With Arduino

    This Ebook is designed in such a way that the learner can apply good project development practices, where the projects are constructed from the conceptual design until execution (implementation). This “Practical Guide to IR4.0 with Arduino for Beginners” briefly reports on Arduino’s his...


  • The Nursing Practice Procedure Manual - Part 1

    The Nursing Practice Procedure Manual (Part 1), written especially for novice nursing students and have been designed to support student nurses in clinical practice. Providing essential information on over 57 basic nursing procedures, this manual contains the skills and changes in practice&#...


  • Student Handbook: Practical Guide for Medical Student

    This student handbook named Practical Guide for Medical Assistant is focuses on the practical training for students in Medical Assistant program particularly on performing medical procedure and managing patients. This step-by-step guide included in this book is intended to assist students fr...


  • Statistical Tables & Mathematics Formula

    This booklet is a collection of mathematical formulas and statistical tables to assist students during examinations. The formulas and tables are comprehensive and concise for undergraduate students’ reference. The formulas and tables offer students help not only while preparing for&#...


  • Physiological Measurement And Maintenance Of Medical Devices

    This laboratory workbook contains 19 sets of laboratory experiments from two main topics of Medical Electronic courses. Physiological measurement covers the principle of biomedical instrumentation, studies of medical diagnostic instruments and techniques for the measurement of physiological variable...



    Learn mandarin 2 is designed as a textbook at the beginner level. It may be used as a self-learning material too. Over 300 words and expressions are introduced in eight lessons to provide learners with common, useful vocabulary for daily communication. As an excellent resource...


  • Curiosity Connects East Asia Latin America

    This book is about the curiosity within the latin American region and east asia. It provides comprehensive understanding about the regions.


  • HYSYS: An Introduction To The Graphic Based Process Simulation Package

    The graphic-based process simulation package can be used to help the users to perform heat and mass balance simultaneously. The accurate value of those can be produced by selecting an appropriate thermodynamic package. It is simulation software, which the users need to specify the&...



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