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  • Uncanny Valley of Life - The Existence in 3D Animation in Shadow Puppets Theatre

    Mori (1970) proposed a theoretical graph describing a nonlinear relation between a character’s degree of human likeness and the emotional response of the human perceiver. With the current scenario that Wayang Kulit or shadow puppets is slowly being extinct; the pursuit of realism i...


  • Intensity Adjustment Analysis of Underwater Images

    This paper focuses on the subjective area of image enhancement techniques by modifying the colours and intensities. Image enhancement makes image more visually appealing. The underwater imaging tends to become bluish as the photographing activities go down deeper and deeper into the oce...


  • Roses Monitoring System Via Wireless Sensor Network Using Arduino Microcontroller

    Abstract – Plant monitoring is important to ensure the healthiness of the plant. The right moisture and temperature is crucial for the plant to growth. Roses is one of the plant that needs to be monitored closely, such as the healthiest of the leaves, petals of ...


  • Dionaea Honeypot Implementation and Malware Analysis in Cloud Environment

    The purpose of this paper is analyzing malicious attacks in computer networks and the Internet. Dionaea honeypot is deployed on cloud environment to detect and collect malware attacks by reporting the malwares to external analysis service providers in order to understand the behaviour&#...


  • Simulation Study of Welding Distortion on Multi pass Welding of the Fillet Joint

    This paper investigated the distortion induced by the gas metal arc welding (GMAW) process on the multi pass welding of tubular T joints. Two types of materials used in this study were high strength low alloy steels S355 and S460. In this research, Simufact....



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