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  • Simulating the Effects of Roof Elements on the Passive Cooling of s Single-Storey Residential Building Under Malaysia Weather Conditions

    This study investigates the effects of roof colour, slope, material and insulation on the indoor temperature of a hypothetical single-story building under Malaysian weather condition. The results would fill the gap of information on some aspects of passive cooling in Malaysia. The roof&...


  • The Mediating Role of Brand Equity on the Relationship between Marketing Effort and SME Performance

    This study investigates factors that affect performance in SME organizations in Malaysia which is not given much research attention. Specifically, the aim of this study is to determine how marketing effort such as marketing mix, innovation and brand equity effect SME performance. This&#...


  • The Improvement of Glazing Panel for Energy Saving by Retrofitted with Aesthetic and Economic Tinted Acrylic Layer

    MS1525:2014 is the latest Malaysian Standard for Green Building Design Strategies guidelines. The aim of Green Building design worldwide include Malaysia are to get lower energy consumption, lower CO2 emissivity, lower BEI, lower OTTV and others. Tinted double glazing is one...


  • A Techno-Economic Feasibility Study on LED Lighting Retrofiting Solution

    Global energy consumption is rising and the relative contribution of lighting in buildings to that total is also increasing. In an academic institution, the dominant form of lighting is fluorescent, but this will soon be surpassed in terms of performance by LED lightin...


  • An Analytical Hierarchy Process Approach to Risk Assessment in Green Building Projects

    The research was carried out to develop a new risk assessment model during green building construction project in Malaysia that covered social, technical, economic, environmental and political risks (STEEP) according to Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method. The data for this...


  • Feasibility Study of Building Envelope for Building Energy Simulation (BES)

    In the building sector the highest energy saving potentials can be realized by energy efficient building design. The energy efficiency of buildings is significantly influenced by passive and active design strategies. This paper will do a case study (feasibility study) of th...


  • Economic Study: Green Facade System for Multi Storey Building

    Greening the building envelope focusing on green facades with vegetation is a good example of a new construction practice. Plants and partly growing materials in case of green wall systems have a number of functions that are benefical for example: increasing the biodiv...


  • Determinant Factors in Motivating Tourists' Visit to Ecotourism Sites in Malaysia

    Malaysia received 25.7 million foreign tourist arrivals in 2013. It is estimated that between 7 – 10% of the international tourist arrivals are ecotourists i.e. tourists who visit the ecotourism sites of the country. Hence, ecotourism represents a significant ‘added value’ to the c...


  • A Conceptual Framework on Pertinent Important Factors for the Green Building Development in Malaysia

    This study aims to investigate the prima facie conjecture that there are problems on evaluation the development of green buildings in Malaysia with regard to the effectiveness of green building index (GBI). This is due to the lack of information on its effectiveness. These pro...


  • N-Call Windows For Efficient and Trustworthy Dynamic Behaviour Attestation



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