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  • Internet Programming

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  • Passenger’s Behavior Recognition System Using Computer Vision

    One of the problems that occurs inside public transport is that passengers often overlook or ignore public transport’s rules such as in regards to eat and drink. Eating foods and drinks are not even allowed in public transport in avoiding excessive littering and drink spills&#...

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  • NodeMCU Based Monitoring System for Individuals with Covid-19 Self-quarantined Order

    One of the factors that contributes to the increased number of Covid-19 cases in Malaysia is according to the authorities that Covid-19 patients, persons under investigation (PUI) and persons under surveillance (PUS) had deliberately left their home quarantine without valid reason and p...

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  • Mock-Up Green Building Thermal Comfort Studies

    Buildings account for about 40% of the global energy consumption and contribute over 30% of carbon emission, globally. A large proportion of this energy is used to achieve a thermal comfort within the building. To overcome this problem, green building elements in the construction&#...

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  • Malay Cued Speech Recognition Using Image Analysis: A Review

    Automatic real-time translation of gestured languages for hearing-impaired would be a major advancement on disabled integration path. Cued speech (CS) is a specific visual hand gesture that complements oral languages lip-reading. Cued speech in Bahasa Malaysia (CSBM) is an adaptation of cued...

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  • Urban rail network a reality after almost a decade

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  • IoT-Based Indoor Air Quality Monitoring System Using SAMD21 ARM Cortex Processor

    In this paper, an IoT-based technology is demonstrated to efficiently monitor indoor air quality in real-time monitored online through Wi-Fi. The idea was derived from the issues of toxic gas poisoning that cause environmental pollution, general health as well as death due to exces...

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  • IoT Based Home Security for Housing Areas

    Internet of things (IoT) refers to the infrastructure of connected physical devices which is growing at a rapid rate as a huge number of devices and objects are getting associated with the Internet. Home security is one of the useful applications of IoT. This paper descri...

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  • Fatigue and Drowsiness Detection System Using Artificial Intelligence Technique for Car Drivers

    Road traffic accident in Malaysia is a heavy concern in these days. Among the top factors of traffic accidents, the fatigue and drowsiness of drivers often times contributed to the increasing number of cases and fatality rate of accidents. This research aims to develop a ...

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  • Electrochemical Activities of C/GNP Electrode for Ultrasensitive Immunosensors

    Graphene is well known for its electroanalytical activity due to the presence of enormous π-electrons in the structure. For this reason, it is believed that the graphene used for modification of the conventional electrodes have a great potential to become a good electrode. The ...

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