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  • Internet Programming

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  • International brand vs. local brand: An evaluation of brand trust, brand reputation, customer satisfaction and purchase intention of Malaysian customers

    This study is an exploratory study that identify brand trust, customer satisfaction, and purchase intention between an international brand and Malaysia/local brand among Malaysian. A set of questionnaires was developed to test the brand trust, brand reputation, customer satisfaction, and pur...

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  • Underwater Fish Shape Recognition In Malaysian Seawater By Using Chain Code Techniques Algorithm In Real Time Image Processing

    A fish recognition system is to recognize the type of fish at sea taken using an underwater video camera. It is a computer vision application for automatically differentiating the species of fish. The system developed is to sort the type of fishes in Malaysian seawater. T...

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  • Investigation of random walks knee cartilage segmentation model using inter-observer reproducibility : Data from the osteoarthritis initiative

    Background: Existing knee cartilage segmentation methods have reported several technical drawbacks. In essence, graph cuts remains highly susceptible to image noise despite extended research interest; active shape model is often constraint by the selection of training data while shortest path hav...

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  • Crawling ROV for irregular terrain seafloor discovery

    Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROVs) have a significant support role and play a dominant underwater robotics which has very high demand in marine and offshore field. A bottom founded-ROV give an additional value from normal ROV to expand research and survey on seafloors. Kno...

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  • Stability of MIROV: Fabricated Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle

    Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles (ROVs) is dominant to underwater robotics which has very high demand in marine exploration and discovery. This study discussed the up thrust force or buoyancy effects for the fabricated ROV which named as MIMET-ROVTek ROV or known as MIROV. The...

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  • A Study Of Weld Defects Of Gas Metal Arc Welding With Different Shielding Gasses

    Welding is the preferred joining method of two or more parts into one piece and it has been developed depending on the combination of temperature and pressure. In Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) process, shielding gas selection has a great influence on the quality and the&#x...

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  • Modified plastic optical fiber with CNT and graphene oxide nanostructured coatings for ethanol liquid sensing

    A high sensitivity and simple ethanol sensor based on an un-cladded multimode plastic optical fiber (UCPOF) coated with carbon nanotubes (CNTs) for the detection of different concentrations of ethanol in de-ionized water is developed and demonstrated. The UCPOF probe is fabricated by ch...

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  • Design and analysis of compact MMIC switches utilising GaAs pHEMTs in 3D multilayer technology

    In this paper, we demonstrate for the first time the implementation of three-dimensional multilayer technology on GaAs-based pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor (pHEMT) switches. Two types of pHEMT switches are considered, namely single-pole single-throw (SPST) and single-pole double-throw (SPD...

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  • Statistical Cross-Correlation Band Features Based Thought Controlled Communication System

    In this research work, a simple Electroencephalogram (EEG) based imagery vocabulary classification system has been developed for the Differentially Enabled (DE) communities, to communicate their needs with the outside world. The proposed communication system consists of a simple data acquisition ...

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