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  • Internet Programming

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  • The effectiveness of MRP system to forecast the accuracy inven-tory requirement

    The implementation of MRP systems play a crucial role in today's manufacturing process in providing valuable information not only to both marketing and manufacturing team, but the organization as a whole. Yet, MRP system does not possess the capability of doing everything. There...

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  • Reverse Logistics for Malaysian Tire Industry: A Conceptual Framework for Strategic Implementation

    The deficiency in product performance of tire which concerns safety issue requires an immediate pull back from the market. An increasing trend of defect tires pull back from the market has made enforcement of environmental legislation to be more forceful and that is one ...

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  • Generating specialised engineers

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  • Fancied UniKL need to iron out rough spots

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    The remote operated vehicle (ROV) is basically a tethered underwater robot. Thus, this research is to replace the current PCB based in main control pod (MCP) which are not available in the production line into the Programming Logic Control (PLC) based. The new control system&#...

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  • Development of Intelligent Decision Support System for Selection of Quality Tools and Techniques

    This research derives systematic analysis and synthesize previous research published with aim to highlight and develop a decision aid for Quality Tools and Techniques (QTT) selection which enable practitioner make a rational and structured decision though development of Intelligent Decision Suppo...

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  • Bintang Piala Dunia perkuat UniKL

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  • Enriching technical studies

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  • UniKL pencabar utama TNB

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