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  • Internet Programming

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  • Management Accounting System and Credit Risk Management Policies and Practices towards Organizational Performance in Palestinian Commercial Banks.

    The aim of this paper is to report the results of a study on the linkages between credit risk management (CRM) policies and practices and management accounting system (MAS) toward organizational performance. The research method involved two data collection methods. Firstly, this study&#...

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  • System dynamic modeling of CO2 emissions and pollutants from passenger cars in Malaysia, 2040

    Transportation sector is the second largest producer of greenhouse gas in Malaysia next to energy sector. It contributes to nearly 28 % of annual national carbon emissions due to its heavy dependency of hydrocarbons such as gasoline. If not properly managed, carbon dioxide emission...

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  • Environmental Risk Trade-off for New Generation Vehicle Production: Malaysia Case

    New Generation Vehicle such as Hybrid Electric (HEV) and Battery Electric Vehicles (EV) have higher efficiency compared to conventional vehicles, and therefore releasing less carbon emissions. However, arguments arise whether this kind of New Generation Vehicle is truly clean compared to the...

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  • Electric vehicle and end-of-life vehicle estimation in Malaysia 2040

    This paper aims to estimate the number of electric vehicles (EVs), hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) as well as end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) generated until 2040. A system dynamics modelling method was used with integrated population expandable income and vehicle price reduction, simulated thro...

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  • Lego Bricks Colour Sorting Machine (Software)

    vii ABSTRACT Lego Brick Color Sorting Machine is a fully automated sorting machine made up of simple parts that are easily replaceable. The idea is the machine will automatically start and begin sorting Lego brick after we put a Lego brick into the fee...

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  • Voltage Stability Indices Studies on Optimal Location of Wind Farm in Distribution Network

    The increasing demand for electrical power contributes major challenges especially in power utilities as one of the main issues is voltage instability.

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  • A Review on Two Different Systems in Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant

    The sewage treatment plant technology in Malaysia has evolved from pre-independence era of no treatment around 1950s to the pilot plant by adopting modern technology and start commissioning moving bed biofilm reactor around 2013.

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  • FTIR and Raman studies of partially phosphorylated polyvinyl alcohol - aluminum phosphate (PPVA-AIPO4) nanocomposites

    Partially phosphorylated polyvinyl alcohol - aluminum phosphate (PPVA_AIPO4) composites were synthesized through the mixing of pure polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) with phosphoric acid (PA) which produced partially phosphorylated poly vinyl alcohol (PPVA). Later, the addition of aluminum nitrate (AI2O3) to th...

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  • Enhance surface structural and thermal properties of partially phosphorylated Poly (viny alcohol) (PPVA) complexex via modification with phosphoric acid

    Partially phosphorylated poly (viny alcohol) (PPVA) films were prepared by reaction of PVA with different mole ratio of phosphoric acid using solution casting technique. The thermal stability of PPVA films is increases upon the addition of phosphoric acid which prove the strong bonding&...

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