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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Jan-2022Digital Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) Controller for Closed-Loop Direct Current Control of an Electric Vehicle Traction Tuned Using Pole PlacementArof, S.; Noor, N.M.; Alias, M.F.; Noorsal, E.; Mawby, P.; Arof, H. UniKL MSI
5-Jan-2022Discrete-Time Linear System of New Series Motor Four-Quadrant Drive Direct Current Chopper Numerically Represented by Taylor Series: Part 1: Driving Mode OperationArof, S.; Sukiman, E.D.; Diyanah, N.H.N.; Noor, N.M.; Noorsal, E.; Mawby, P.; Arof, H.; UniKL MSI
5-Jan-2022A theoretical model of micro-learning for second language instructionKhong, H.K.; Kabilan, M.K. UniKL MSI
5-Jan-2022Effect of Maleic Anhydride Polypropylene on the Properties of Spear Grass Fiber in Reinforced Polypropylene and Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer CompositesAdnan, M.A.I.; Zamri, F.A.; Mohamad Sidik, M.S.; Ahmad, S.R.; UniKL MSI
5-Jan-2022Design of a Child Restraint System for MotorcyclesAbdul Latiff, Z.; Saad, F. UniKL MSI
19-Jan-2022Applicability of J.N. Newman Ship Wave Integral Equation of Linear Thin Ship Theory for a Fuller Hull Form Solved by Final Root MethodKamil, Md Salim,; Rozhdestvensky, K. V.; Mohamed Saat, Asmalina,; Sandrasegaran, Thiban,; UniKL MIMET
20-Jan-2022Effect of Thermal Aging on the Mechanical Properties of Hybrid Multilayer Composite with Various Core StructureMohamed Saat, Asmalina,; Alaauldin, Syarmela,; Johor, Hanisah,; Mohd Radzi, Hazwani,; Zainal Azaim, Fatin Zawani,; Mohd Saad, Mohd Saidi,; Johari, Harith,; Hamidi, Mohamad Taufiq,; UniKL MIMET
20-Jan-2022Dynamics Analysis of Single Buoy Mooring in Malaysian WatersMuslim, Mazlan,; Kamil, Md Salim,; Mohamed Saat, Asmalina,; UniKL MIMET
18-Jan-2022Heading towards a sustainable smart city-
27-Jan-2022Effective Control of SOx and NOx Release to the Atmosphere from Emissions of Ship Propulsion EnginesKamil, Md Salim,; Muslim, Mazlan,; Mohamed Saat, Asmalina,; UniKL MIMET