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Title: Digital Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) Controller for Closed-Loop Direct Current Control of an Electric Vehicle Traction Tuned Using Pole Placement
Authors: Arof, S.
Noor, N.M.
Alias, M.F.
Noorsal, E.
Mawby, P.
Arof, H. UniKL MSI
Keywords: Closed-loop control
Current control
DC drive
Digital PID controller
Four quadrants chopper
Pole placement
Series motor
Issue Date: 5-Jan-2022
Abstract: Direct current (DC) series motors have a higher starting torque compared to other types of motors, and their power is in the kilowatt range. The standard speed is applied for electric vehicles (EVs) with a series motor, and four quadrants direct current chopper (FQDC) can cause jerk and slip during the start-up. DC control (DCC) is one of the solutions applied to FQDC to overcome this start-up problem. The DCC is the current control strategy that employs a lookup table with a predetermined reference current. The current has to be controlled in a closed loop with feedback. An inefficient feedback controller with wrongly tuned parameters can cause ripples in current and torque. This paper describes the modeling and the control of a proposed DCC using a PID controller with the pole placement technique. The system is tested using MATLAB/Simulink which shows that the current can be controlled using the digital PID utilizing the pole placement technique.
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