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Title: Cosmetic surgical procedures on the vulva and vagina - an overview
Authors: Panicker, Rajesh
Pandurangan, Thunga
Keywords: Cosmetic
Issue Date: Jan-2022
Publisher: NLM (Medline)
Citation: Panicker, R., & Pandurangan, T. (2022). Cosmetic surgical procedures on the vulva and vagina - an overview. Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, 07(01), 54–57.
Abstract: Cosmetic surgery is defined as any procedure involving a change in the appearance or aesthetics of a normal anatomy where there are no congenital or acquired pathologies. The procedures that can be included under female cosmetic genital surgery are the following: reduction labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, hymenoplasty, "G-Spot amplification", and miscellaneous. Those who support these procedures could argue that women undergo such procedures as a matter of choice, whereas those opposed could argue that this choice is made because of society's fascination with physical appearance and feeling young. Prima facie these procedures appear to contradict the Hippocratic principle of "primum non nocere". There has been an increase in the marketing and conduct of the above mentioned procedures. Practitioners need to be both sceptical and cautious while performing these surgeries. Patients requesting them need to be counseled regarding the lack of data supporting their efficacy, and the potential complications of the procedures.
ISSN: 09755691
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