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Title: A Review on 3D Nanomaterial: Aerogel-Derived Nanocellulose for Energy Storage
Authors: Nuha Awang
Azyyati Johari
Aliff Radzuan Mohamad Radzi
Muhamad Azizi Mat Yajid
Keywords: Aerogels
Electrospun polymer
Energy storage
Nanofibers aerogels
Nanocellulose polymer
Issue Date: 6-Jul-2023
Abstract: Nanotechnology can help conserve renewable resources and future ecosystems. They may help tackle various energy and environmental challenges. They will be used in bioengineering, electrical gadgets, and energy storage. This research describes novel fibrous freeze-shaping procedures for 1D polymer nanofiber cellulose fibrous, isotropically linked elastic nanofibers. This is a summary of the review. In the first part, electrospinning may significantly enhance aerogel reinforcing. Our focus will be on nanofiber network aerogels and their possible energy storage. Applicability of nanocellulose fiber aerogels follows. 3D nanocellulose aerogels will improve research chances.
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