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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Nov-2023Comparative Study on the Performance of Electrical Vehicles with DC Drive and Series Motor, DC Drive and Separately Excited DC Motor, and AC Drive and PMSM Motor. Part 1: Driving and Braking OperationsArof, S.; Ahmad, M.R.; Mawby, P.; Arof, H.; Noorsal, E.
5-Jan-2022Digital Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) Controller for Closed-Loop Direct Current Control of an Electric Vehicle Traction Tuned Using Pole PlacementArof, S.; Noor, N.M.; Alias, M.F.; Noorsal, E.; Mawby, P.; Arof, H. UniKL MSI
5-Jan-2022Discrete-Time Linear System of New Series Motor Four-Quadrant Drive Direct Current Chopper Numerically Represented by Taylor Series: Part 1: Driving Mode OperationArof, S.; Sukiman, E.D.; Diyanah, N.H.N.; Noor, N.M.; Noorsal, E.; Mawby, P.; Arof, H.; UniKL MSI
21-Nov-2023Embedded System Using a PIC Microcontroller for Series Motor Four Quadrants Drive DC Chopper Controllers for the Application in Electrical VehiclesArof, S.; Noor, N.M.; Mawby, P.; Arof, H.; Noorsal, E.
21-Nov-2023Features Extraction from a Second-Order Black Box Model Matched to the Veltink Model for a System Identification of Knee Extension for Control Law and Formulations of Close-Loop Controller Rehabilitation Using Functional Electrical StimulationArof, S.; Noorsal, E.; Yahaya, S.Z.; Ibrahim, N.H.; Arof, H.
21-Nov-2023Formulations After Features Extraction of Veltink to Second-Order Critical Damped Black Box Model for Observer Formation Representing Knee ExtensionArof, S.; Noor, N.M.; Noorsal, E.; Zaimy, S.; Hussein, Z.; Arof, H.
21-Nov-2023Hardware Development for Zero Crossing of a Multilevel Single Phase Rectifier Chopper for Plug-In Electric Car Battery Charger Using a PIC MicrocontrollerArof, S.; Ahmad, F.H.; Yaakop, N.M.; Jalil, J.A.; Mawby, P.; Arof, H.; Noorsal, E.
21-Nov-2023Study on Ripple Current, Ripple Torque in Parallel Mode of Series Motor Four Quadrants DC Chopper for Electric VehiclesArof, S.; Ahmad, M.R.; Mawby, P.; Arof, H; Noorsal, E