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metadata.fyp.dc.title: Safety In Avionics Workshop
metadata.fyp.dc.contributor.*: Mohamed Fareq Bin Mohamed Yunus 19-Jan-2003
metadata.fyp.dc.description.abstract: Safety in the workshops is subject to a number of various risk assessments and safe codes of working practices which have to be observed and adhered to by all workshop users and enforced by the person in charge of these areas. Due to high risk activities taking place in the workshops access to these areas is restricted to authorised personnel only. No other person may enter the workshops without permission.Fail to follow the safety rules and regulation in workplace, workshop,laboratories, or any place will tend to occur an accident whether it is serious or not it does happened and it cannot change the times back. The type of accident will differentiate and it may effected to the lives, things/property and surrounding. One of the reason in making the thesis is to educate the students about the importance of safety as a whole by giving them a better information and high disciplinary not only to get use in the university but in the industry as well. One of the problems happened in many universities, student did not obey the rules in workshop and it is a serious matter respected in safety issues thus the probability of accident occurs is very high. With the existing of this research, I hope it will be beneficial to instructors and student for guidance and with my best effort to improving UniKL MIAT workshop’s safety standard.
metadata.fyp.dc.description: Diploma Of Engineering Technology In Avionics Maintenance , January 2013
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