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  • Internet Programming

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  • A Review on Integrated Active Steering and Braking Control for Vehicle Yaw Stability System

    A review study on integrated active steering and braking control for vehicle yaw stability system is conducted and its finding is discussed in this paper. For road-vehicle dynamic, lateral dynamic control is important in order to determine the vehicle stability. The aw stability co...

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  • Modeling and Control of a Nonlinear Active Suspension Using Multi-Body Dynamics System Software

    This paper describes the mathematical modeling and control of a nonlinear active suspension system for ride comfort and road handling performance by using multi-body dynamics software so-called CarSim. For ride quality and road handling tests the integration between MATLAB/Simulink and multi...

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  • A New Cloud Based Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition Implementation To Enhance The Level Of Security Using Testbed

    Now days cloud computing is an important and hot topic in arena of information technology and computer system. Several companies and educational institutes have been deployed cloud infrastructures to overcome their problems such as easy data access, software updates with minimal cost, l...

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  • Improved Speaker-Independent Emotion Recognition from Speech Using Two-Stage Feature Reduction

    In the recent years, researchers are focusing to improve the accuracy of speech emotion recognition. Generally, high emotion recognition accuracies were obtained for two-class emotion recognition, but multi-class emotion recognition is still a challenging task. The main aim of this work is&#...

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  • Microcontroller-Based For System Identification Tools Using Least Square Method For Rc Circuits

    System identification is one of the method to construct a plant mathematical model from experimental data. This method has been widely applied in the automatic control, aviation, spaceflight medicine, society economics and other fields more. With the rapid growth of the science and ...

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  • Characterization Of Rubber Toughened Epoxy Reinforced Hybrid Kenaf/Carbon Fiber Via Water Absorption And Thermal Degradation

    Toughened epoxies reinforced by hybrid of kenaf/carbon fiber, untreated and treated, with the addition of liquid epoxidized natural rubber (LENR), were tested for their water absorption and thermal degradation. Water absorption testing was conducted based on ASTM D1037 to study the effe...

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  • 11th National Chem E Car Competition 2016

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  • Tri-Objective Optimization Of Carbon Steel Spot-Welded Joints

    The investigation was intended to optimize tri-objective of the welding parameters on tensile-shear (TS) strength, Fusion Zone (FZ) size and Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) size development in resistance spot welding (RSW) process of similar sheet metals joint. The experimental studies were conduct...

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  • Biochar Application in Malaysian Sandy and Acid Sulfate Soils: Soil Amelioration Effects and Improved Crop Production over Two Cropping Seasons

    The use of biochar as an agricultural soil improvement was tested in acid sulfate and sandy soils from Malaysia, cropped with rice and corn. Malaysia has an abundance of waste rice husks that could be used to produce biochar. Rice husk biochar was produced in a gasif...

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