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  • Internet Programming

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  • Program Teknologi Telekomunikasi UniKL BMI

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  • Sistem Analisis Kawalan Injap Pneumatik

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  • The Effect of Internet of Things (IOT) Towards Social Sciences Student’s Performance

    This study is to evaluate the effect of IoT towards social sciences student’s class performance. This is to measure whether IoT contribute to their performance or not. It is found that e-learning modules are most preferred by the students as compared to blended learning and&#x...

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  • Malware Analysis and Detection Approaches: A Survey that Drives to Deep Learning in Analyzing Program Execution Flow.

    the increasing growing number of malware attacks poses serious threats to the private data as well as to the expensive computer resources. To detect malware and their associated families, Anti- Virus(AV) companies commonly rely on signatures, such as strings and regular expressions. How...

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  • Mobile Crowd Sensing Application for Noise Monitoring in Kuala Lumpur

    Mobile Crowd Sensing (MCS) technology enables mobile devices, such as smart-phones or other android-based de¬vices that are equipped with embedded sensors to gather relevant data for research work. Typically, the MCS appli¬cation field ranges from online social-media monitoring, transportation system&...

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  • Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring with Multi-Sensors

    Water quality monitoring plays an important role in human well-being, environmental preservation and sustainability. This paper presents the study that has been carried out on the design and development of water quality monitoring with the purpose of notifying the user with real-time an...

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  • Simulation Technique of Steady-State Network Based on AODV Routing Protocol

    Wireless network refers to any characteristic of a computer network that does not depend on line connectors or physical connections. One of the outstanding characteristic of wireless Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) that is significantly different compared to the traditional wired networks ...

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  • Predicting User Navigation in an Online Newspaper Site Using Association Rules Mining and Markov Model

    This paper discusses an approach to predict Web pages from an online newspaper using association rules mining and Markov model decision process. We use a set of Web server logs from an online newspaper, process the logs using Web usage mining methodology, generate transaction ...

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  • Protecting Online Privacy by Heightening Communication Path Using Different Hops Path Tor

    The vulnerabilities within the internet cause an unauthorized person to hack and steal our private data and spot our location within the cyber world. Some people do not think this as an issue. They would be more upset if the link is down, the connection is slow ...

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