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Title: Using Classroom Control Software To Enhance Students’ Learning At Unikl MSI
Authors: Norzanah Md Said
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: pg:13-19
Series/Report no.: Proceeding of 1st International Conference on Engineering Technology (ICET);
Abstract: According to Maurer and Davidson (1999), “Educators are striving to improve teaching and learning through the power of technology”. In the 21st century, technology is a necessary tool that needs to be integrated within the curricular. Most of the educational researchers also discovered that to enhance students’ learning, it is required to improve teaching and learning process itself. Educators should understand students’ learning and how to design a particular subject plus the integration of technology. As a result, learning is enhanced, achievement is accelerated and students are encouraged to achieve desired learning outcomes. Consequently, this paper will demonstrate the use of classroom control software to facilitate teaching and learning experience. For example, Southeastern Louisiana University has applied this software for an electronic college classroom. The software is used to enhance students’ learning through controlled and hands-on experience. The educator can access or monitor students’ computers either entirely or randomly. The aims of this paper are to improve students’ learning and aid educators in creating a productive teaching. The approach of this paper uses classroom-networked computers installing with classroom control software at a computer lab. Using this software, an educator is no longer required to walk around the learners beyond the traditional lecture classroom. Furthermore, it has some features such as supervision of students’ progress, monitor or prevent web browsing and remotely control student computers from the educator’s computer. The contribution is to reveal the effectiveness of the lab management strategies and to maintain an educational environment for students’ learning.
ISSN: 978-983-43833-0-5
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