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metadata.fyp-miit.dc.contributor.*: Mhd Suhaimi, Muhammad Adi Azwan 2-Mar-2018
metadata.fyp-miit.dc.description.abstract: Kitchen Alarm System (KAS) is an alarm system made with Raspberry Pi that is focusing on a kitchen environment to alert the resident by sending SMS notifications if there are any critical changes in the concentration of gas of the kitchen. The KAS scans the gas concentration of the surrounding environment and store the data collected into MySQL database. Meanwhile, if the gas concentration is above normal it will send SMS notifications to the resident’s phone over GSM network, trigger buzzer alarm and display warning message on the LCD screen. The tests were conducted 10 times of each, in the same housing area and outside the housing area by using the same and different mobile operator. The time taken for the SMS to be sent from the KAS to the transmitter is about 8 to 9 second since the GSM module is processing the AT command for SMS sending in serial. When the first AT command is sent from the Raspberry Pi to the GSM module, the module will respond back to the Raspberry Pi saying it has received the command. Each command requires 1 or more second to be processed causing the delay to send the SMS. The average time taken for the SMS to travel between the transmitter to the receiver is between 1 to 3.5 seconds depending on the mobile operator’s performances. The main reason for the analysis of delay of SMS is to monitor the time taken for the SMS to reach its destination so that the resident can react faster.
metadata.fyp-miit.dc.fyp.semester: July 2017
metadata.fyp-miit.dc.fyp.course: Bachelir in Engineering Technology (Hons) Networking System
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