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metadata.fyp.dc.title: Automatic Kitchen Ventilation Controller
metadata.fyp.dc.contributor.*: Muhammad Hazrin bin Hasim
Diploma of Engineering Technologies in Electrical and Electronic 11-Oct-2017
metadata.fyp.dc.description.abstract: This project is Automatic Kitchen Ventilation Controller. This project is made because most everybody in this world are using kitchen and cook, so this product will help to reduce the amount of smoke during cooking or burning in the kitchen which can be controlled by a kind of smoke sensors that will be able to read how much the amount of smoke and will be displayed on the LCD screen. This project operation is simple by a look at the block diagram and flowchart. This project is has a three-term of the process which is input (MQ-2), processor (Arduino-Uno R3), and the third terms are output (Fan, LCD, Led, Buzzer). There are two types of situation that controls fan speed, such as when smoke level under 50% fan speed will become slow when the smoke level reaches 70% and higher fan speed will-will change at top speed. We also use Arduino to make a basic input. Smoke sensor using the Arduino it will detect where the smoke is. We use 12 volt supply dc voltage regulator and the output fan reduces to 5 volts. In this project, we add a led to indicate the highest speed. Actually, our target is for the housewife, chef or someone who like cooking. Our sensor can detect 6 gas include LPG. LPG is always related to kitchen and smoke is produced from cooking, so the kitchen is the suitable place to put this project. This project is very user-friendly and easy to use because the fan will spin speed according to the amount of smoke is. Extras we include is, it can monitor fan speed and the amount of smoke with LCD display. As a conclusion, we expect the result of this project is good because it really can help you if something like a gas leak or avoid from inhaling heavy smoke. So everyone can avoid injury and live a comfortable life.
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