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metadata.theses.dc.title: Design and Development of Sheet Metal Quotation Assistant Incorporating Die Design and Manufacturing Components
metadata.theses.dc.contributor.*: Mohd Firdaus Hassan 19-Mar-2013
metadata.theses.dc.description.abstract: Effectiveness, fast and reliable decisions are crucial in an ever competitive business and manufacturing environment such as tool and die manufacturing industry. The main project topic of this study is eDMES (Web-based Mould & Die Expert System). It has five main components are eCAPP ( Web –Based computer Aided Process Planning ) , eCADI ( Web – Based computer Aided Design Integration ), eCami ( Web – based computer Aided Manufacturing Integration ), eCIPP ( Web – based computer Integrated production Planning ) and eCALI ( Web – based Computer Aided Logistic Integration ). The scope of this research is on the eCADI and eCAMI. This research addresses issues of sharing the expert’s knowledge and skill to non – expert members through design and development of die design database and die quotation assistant.
metadata.theses.dc.theses.semester: July 2011
metadata.theses.dc.theses.course: Master of Engineering Technology
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