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metadata.award.dc.title: Automated Feeding Machine
metadata.award.dc.award.supervisor: Mohd Fauzi Bin Alias
metadata.award.dc.award.year: 2016
metadata.award.dc.award.award: Gold medal
metadata.award.dc.subject: Automated feeding machine
PLC system
metadata.award.dc.description.abstract: Automated feeding machine was invented to feed poultry livestock automatically. This machine feeds livestock with food and water twice a day, morning and evening. The quantity of food and water is controlled by programmable logic controller (PLC) system. The food quantity is measured using food wheel and then it will be blow and spread using the blower fan. Meanwhile, using solenoid valve, water is allowed to flow through a modified PVC piping system at certain quantity and time. Based on PLC hardware setup and programs, the machine’s routine works efficiently and provides accuracy at the output quantity and time.
metadata.award.dc.description: 1.Innovation and Invention Competition Through Exhibition 2016 (iCompEx 2016) (Gold medal)
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