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metadata.award.dc.title: RETROZADA
metadata.award.dc.award.supervisor: Fazidah Binti Saad
metadata.award.dc.award.year: 2016
metadata.award.dc.award.award: Gold, Silver and Bronze medal
metadata.award.dc.subject: Retrozada
metadata.award.dc.description.abstract: This project is created from the concept of wheelbarrow and backhoe that can help flood victims. it can shove mud, dirt and also garbage in tight place around flood site. The machine can be operated manually as there will be no power supply during the disaster.
metadata.award.dc.description: 1.International Engineering Invention & Innovation Exhibition (i-ENVEX 2016) (Gold medal) 2.The 3rd International Innovation, Design and Articulation 2016 (i-IDeA 2016) (Silver medal) 3.Innovation and Invention Competition Through Exhibition 2016 (iCompEx 2016) (Silver medal) 4.EUREKA Innovation Competition 2016 (EIE 2016) (Bronze medal)
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