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metadata.award.dc.title: Smart Tyre Removal Tool
metadata.award.dc.award.supervisor: Dr. Muhammad Najib bin Abdul Hamid
metadata.award.dc.award.year: 2016
metadata.award.dc.award.award: Bronze medal
metadata.award.dc.subject: Smart tyre
Removal tool
metadata.award.dc.description.abstract: Smart Tyre Removal Tool is a portable tool that used to open the tyre by using rotational movement. This innovation aims to assist and simplify the work during removal motorcycle tyre. Conventional method in removing motorcycle tyre used much energy and time consuming due to manual operation using wrench and lever. High force and energy is needed to push the lever into the edges of the tyre so that the tyre could be removed from the rim. The surface of the rim is damaged and dented when wrong technique is applied to insert the lever around the edge of the tyre. This new innovation will ease the process of removing motorcycle tyre moreover force and torque needed to rotate the lever to remove the tyre is also very low compared to conventional method using manual wrench and lever. Simple gear system is used to reduce the torque needed and at the same time the process of removing is fast and smooth.
metadata.award.dc.description: 1.EUREKA Innovation Competition 2016 (EIE 2016) (Bronze medal)
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