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metadata.award.dc.title: Deep Bore Plumber Wrench
metadata.award.dc.award.supervisor: Ahmad Razlee Ab Kadir
metadata.award.dc.award.year: 2016
metadata.award.dc.award.award: 1. Invention & Innovation Awards 2016 (MTE 2016) - Silver medal 2. 27th International Invention & Innovation Exhibition (ITEX 2016) - Gold medal
metadata.award.dc.subject: Wrench
metadata.award.dc.description.abstract: Deep Bore Plumber Wrench is a product innovated to help the plumber or the maintenance technician of an open pipe buried in the wall to easily and quickly access any problematic area. This product consists of several key components of main body and socket. The main body of the wrench provides torque of the product to open the pipe that must be repair or replaced. Meanwhile, socket serves as a connection between the product and the "T" or "t" pipe-shaped heads.
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