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metadata.award.dc.title: Portable MQL Applicator For Metal Cutting Industry
metadata.award.dc.award.supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Zaid Bin Abu Yazid
metadata.award.dc.award.year: 2016
metadata.award.dc.award.award: Gold Medal for NationaI Innovation And Invention Competition Through Exhibition 2016 (CompEx ’16)
metadata.award.dc.description: Machining is a metal shaping process. During machining, cutting tool wears rapidly due to high cutting temperature at the cutting zone. Application of cutting fluids into the cutting zone manages to reduce the heat generated during machining process. However, cutting fluids are potentially hazardous and there are concerns on their disposal. One alternative to reduce the amount of cutting fluids in the machining process is Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL). MQL is to deliver the small amount of lubricant in mist form into the cutting zone. This project develops simple MQL Applicator for the metal cutting industry. The application of MQL Applicator has shown better results in some processes.
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