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Title: Design of Single Phase to Three Phase Static Power Converter
Authors: F.Z. Hamidon
I.H. Mohd Ali
M.N. Khadari 3
P.D. Abd Aziz
N.H. Mohd Yunus
Keywords: Single phase to three phase power converter
static phase conversion techniques
Issue Date: 20-Mar-2015
Abstract: A wide variety of commercial and industrial electrical equipment require three phase power. Most residential homes and small entrepreneur workshops are not been installed with three phase power by electric utilities because it costs significantly more than single phase installation. Due to unavailability and high cost installation of three phase power network, a power converter is very important to address this problem. The design of a single phase to three phase power converter by using static phase conversion technique will be presented in this paper. The power converter will be able to convert the single phase 220~240 VAC supply to balanced three phase 220~240 VAC to power the three phase AC motor. The design criterions which include the suitable selection of appropriate capacitors sizing, motor ratings and other relevant components also will be experimentally verified on laboratory prototype converter.
Description: UniKL BMI
URI: 10.1109/ICE2T.2014.7006260
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