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metadata.fyp.dc.title: Pedal Power Phone Charger
metadata.fyp.dc.contributor.*: Muhammad Zuhair Bin Mohd Ariff
Diploma of Engineering Technology in Telecommunication 11-Mar-2015
metadata.fyp.dc.description.abstract: The overall system is basically with easy to handle. In many rural parts of our country where the problem of power cut and lack of electricity are there, our product will be revolutionary. This will help as it will motivate the people to start riding bicycle which will surely improve their health. So, basically our project is very affordable and simple, therefore, more and more people can use it easily both in rural and urban areas. This project is about using human power to produce an electricity using pedal to charged phones when cycling. This project discusses about from the alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) to charge phones. The bottle generator is move because of connected to bicycle wheel which is rotated by the bicycle actions. The converter enables charging in a manner which is comfortable for the user, while simultaneously ensuring that the battery is charged in an appropriate manner so as to improve lifetime and performance.
metadata.fyp.dc.description: Top 20
metadata.fyp.dc.identifier.uri: http://localhost/xmlui/handle/123456789/9458
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