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dc.contributor.authorMuhammad Khairul Ikhwan Bin Ma'arof-
dc.contributor.authorDiploma of Engineering Technology in Electrical and Electronics-
dc.descriptionTop 20en_US
dc.description.abstractTo fulfil the requirement of diploma of engineering technology in electrical & electronics engineering, the project is the requirement for the final semester. The title for the final year project for this semester is “Air Freshener Rainbow Sprinkler”. This project is very interesting and for consumers as we improve functionality of the product for the convenience of users. The focus on our products is to vary the number of bottles of perfumes into several types of scent. Therefore, we make use the motor to move the cans in the shape of a circle. The used of a stepper motor is very useful because its movement and can be modified according to a given program. The appropriate way to give directions to the motor is using the software and data transfer program in Adruino circuit. After that, there is another circuit that serves to press in the spray bottles. Furthermore, we need to set the time appropriately in programming in order to ensure the low power motor working efficiently. Our project uses a battery (DC) 12v and 5v. Our project is more suitable placed in areas of high and should be used in outdoor and indoor areas such as in homes, offices, cars and other enclosed area. The total cost of the project is within 500, including the cost of making the model. For make this project, we need to get more information and the need to make research on the resources associated with it. In addition, the project relates to recognize the function of each component, circuit, and learn how to incorporate the entire circuit with the motor and battery.en_US
dc.titleAir Freshener Rainbow Sprinkleren_US
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