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metadata.fyp.dc.title: Mini Garbage Incinerator for House
metadata.fyp.dc.contributor.*: Nurul Afiza Binti Mohd Yusof 10-Dec-2014
metadata.fyp.dc.description.abstract: Nowadays, Malaysia has facing a big problem of garbage. Lot of garbage could be seen on the shore road or other place. It seems like there is no difference between us and garbage. Some people are deeply concerned about the fresh environment but most of them just ignore the environment condition like there are nothing for them to worry about. Human will go through life cycle processes where from baby they will grows into children and then becoming a teenagers who are later becoming an adults and at the end, everyone will get old. This life cycle will keep on going from day to day. Therefore, peoples need a clean and healthier environment around them. Every day, Malaysian produces about 19, 000 tons of waste. This data have been recorded on 2005 and it still increased until now. It will continue to be worrying if it still could not be prevented. Mini garbage incinerator is a product that wills helps in order to accomplish the objective of this project. The main objective of this project is to design a mini garbage incinerator that can reduce the waste problem besides able to supply electricity to house and reduce the impact of environmental pollution from waste disposal site. The size of this product would not able to supply electricity to the whole house, only a few bulbs can be used the power of electricity such an emergency lamp or outside lamp because of the limitation of the power transmission.
metadata.fyp.dc.description: Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Hons) In Industrial Design
metadata.fyp.dc.identifier.uri: http://localhost/xmlui/handle/123456789/8950
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