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metadata.fyp.dc.contributor.*: NUR FARADHILA BINTI ABDUL SUKOR 26-Nov-2014
metadata.fyp.dc.description.abstract: The financial crisis demands the short run financial improvement and the performance of any firms in crisis circumstances is very crucial to sustain growth. Consequently the manufacturing industries need to review their competitive strategies and reevaluate their performance. The underlying fundamental question is undoubtedly what are the enablers and manufacturing performance factors which will drive the Malaysian electrics and electronics industries towards sustainable competitiveness. This study embarks on the identification of Manufacturing Performance Factors (MPF) that could affect the manufacturing sustainability particularly to EE manufacturing industries. Through the literature review of several Manufacturing Performance Models, the study will explore the relationship between Manufacturing Performance Factors and the EE manufacturing sustainability. Subsequently the conceptual model of EE Manufacturing Sustainability that links with EE Manufacturing Performance factors will propose in study that could be a useful tool for industries to conduct self-assessment on their sustainability‚Äôs strength and take appropriate actions to sustain. Triangulation approach that consists of qualitative and quantitative method will be executed during this research. Research instrument tools such as semi-structured interview and survey questionnaire determine the necessary data to analyze. Finding of analyze data will compile into absolute report. The findings in this work should be of value to both other researchers and policy makers in trying to formulate and implement sustainable manufacturing and service excellence particularly in EE sector. In addition, the findings will direct towards human capital development with respect to knowledge and skills education and trainings. Keywords: Manufacturing Performance Factors (MPF), manufacturing sustainability, Electrics and Electronics manufacturing industries.
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