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metadata.fyp.dc.contributor.*: ABDUL HAFIZ AWANG 29-Oct-2014
metadata.fyp.dc.description.abstract: Recent literature has extensively discussed about the bad impression of people towards public transportation system. Researcher concern about the increasing number of private transport on the road, this issued give bad impact to the development of the country, environment, economic and social activity, furthermore it could be worse over the next few years if there is no action taken from the responsible parties. This research considered the needs of improvement in current public transportation system in development of sustainable city in future, while the improvement may increase transit ridership in public transportation. Furthermore, over the long term, such systems may reduce the need to construct additional highway infrastructure or may induce additional demand from private sector. The effects of social and technology plays an important role in transportation system. It would give either negative or positive impact to the human society. The negative side could be the increasing of travel demand from private sector, people prefer to use private transport to drive and use some of technologies they have which is use their vehicle navigation systems. Besides that, the effects of social and technology would give a positive impact when government or responsible parties take advantages. Nowadays we live in up to date life and it rapidly up to date, with it government must to up to date too, in order to adapt the changes. Human always need to move everyday to do their social activity. Without proper infrastructure and facilities in public transportation system, people tend to use private transport in order to move. Here, one of the latest trends for modernized country in transportation sector is develop or improve their current public transportation system to be well organized. The installation of Traveller Information System (TIS) helps to improve both supply and demand curves for travel by using public transport. TIS provide and deliver the useful information such as an actual time for traveler, route information, appropriate of speed limits, weather condition and others. With TIS, people are more comfortable and feel more safety to use public transport. In addition, TIS make people more flexible to plan and start their journey. The efficiency of TIS would help to increase transit ridership and reducing the number of private transport on road.
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