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Title: Design and Development of Crosswind Detector for Indication System Application
Authors: Noor Hidayah M. Yunus, Ellyna Azwa Abu
P.D. Abd. Aziz, F.Z. Hamidon
Keywords: Crosswind
Issue Date: 9-Dec-2013
Abstract: The paper discusses on developing a prototype of smart crosswind detector device for road users application. There are few spots of crosswind that may cause danger to the road users in certain areas at highway. Crosswind can be a difficulty when travel on wet or slippery roads especially during heavy rain and thunderstorms even in normal weather. This can be dangerous for light vehicles especially motorists because of the possible lift force created as well as causing the vehicle to change direction of travel and may cause an accident. The safest way for the road users deal with crosswinds is by reducing their speed to reduce the effect of the lift force and to steer into the direction of the crosswind. Hot-Wire Anemometer concept is adapted in this project to sense and measure the wind speeds. In this case electric power is applied to an ordinary electrical diode in which becomes warm. The diode rises to a steady state temperature in still air when the wind blows on the diode the temperature drops. This project investigates the design criteria required for wind detector to protect vehicles running on an expressway across the crosswind. Recommended speed for motorists, current wind speed and notifications will be display on the LCD digital information board.
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