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Title: 433MHz UHF Remote Switch
Authors: Mohamad Iqbal Fikri bin Zulkefly
Issue Date: 5-Dec-2013
Abstract: To fulfil the requirement of Diploma of Engineering Technology in Electrical Electronic Engineering and Diploma of Engineering Technology in Medical Electronic Project requirement for the final semester. The title for final year project is 433 MHz UHF Remote Switch. Project idea was created to commemorate the user when opening a garage door or unlock car by using only one remote control. During this time, the product has appeared on the market and comes from a variety of companies. The technology used in this product is for human pleasure. Moreover, these products are made with cheap cost. In the market, we do not have our own competitors who make similar products as us. I had them specially my products for fun and make a difference from other products. I have used the technology for this product really makes it very unique and very effective when we have made it multi- purpose by make it consist 4 channel. Commonly known as a 433 MHz data transceivers, they operate on the 433.050 MHz to 434.790 MHz band, at a level of 25 mW. Classified as ‘low interference potential devices’ (LPDP) they are widely used for sending wireless industrial, medical and scientific data. However, these days you are more likely to find them in wireless consumer applications such as door openers, doorbells and at weather stations. Overall, we aim to do this project is to understand the function 433 UHF, and how to operate a transceiver and also receiver to detect the signal that been send. Furthermore, we can also learn about IC (12HTD) and (HT12E), this IC uses to control which channel that used also can be set which channel that user want to use.
Description: Top 20 – 2nd Winner
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