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Title: Development Of Wireles Coverage Extension Controller For IEEE802.11 Networks
Authors: Emma Edzuany binti Othman
Issue Date: 3-Dec-2013
Abstract: The purpose of this project is to develop wireless coverage extension controller for IEEE802.11 network. For this project the term of wireless coverage extension controller is refer to the helical antenna. Due to the currently problem that having by access point that has limitation of the wireless coverage, the implementation in this project by creates an external antenna, helical antenna that will replace the existing antenna at the access point. The access point requirement was completed when the Wi-Fi coverage can get longer range and high quality of the coverage. It also can reduce the cost of total using of the access point at the certain environment. By design and built up the helical antenna and study the effect of antenna height (H) , diameter (D), number of turns (N) and turn spacing (S). In this project, the important parameters such as signal strength, bandwidth and trough put are measured. When all the measurement have been compare the expectation outcome of this project must clear that the performance of the wireless should be remain as the original access point or it will be greater than the original access point performance. Helical antenna are typically used for applications where designed to replace very large antenna. By reduced size is therefore most suitable for communication in the 1GHz to 30 GHz operating range.
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