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Title: Modelling of Uncertainty on Late Delivery for Construction Industry in Environmental Issues: A Preliminary Review
Authors: Zirawani Baharum
Salinin Ngadiman
Noorfa Mustaffa
Keywords: Uncertainty
Construction Industry
Environment Issues
Southern-East Asia Region
Issue Date: 3-Dec-2013
Abstract: The construction industry has many underlying causes and factors of uncertainty that impact on project completion schedule and time management. Uncertainties in design, procurement, operation and environmental issues are the major sources in construction project that should be managed. Most of researchers proposed a modelling and simulation techniques to solve these uncertainties problem nevertheless not for environmental issues. However, the environmental issues were also leading in significant deviations for project schedule as well in time management. The aims of this paper is to develop an initial model of uncertainty modelling to manage the underlying causes and factors that impact in environmental issue (EI) for construction industry (CI). The uncertainty structure is also presented to show the flows of uncertainty process which will be implemented in this case study as well. The simulation modelling and experimental study will base on a real case study and will verify and validate this suggestion. The validated model might be used as guidance to construction planners and managers to plan their project schedule. Further, the decision support system model-based will be developed for enhancement to integrate all uncertainty’s sources to become as a powerful system in the direction of managing the uncertainty.
Description: Conference Venue : Cardiff, Wales, UK
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