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Title: IFC (Interface Free Controller) vs. PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) in controlling a security robot
Authors: Taha Mohamed, Norsehah Abd Karim
Norazlin Ibrahim
Keywords: Programmable Logic controller
home security robot
Issue Date: 20-Nov-2013
Abstract: This paper explains the comparison of a mobile robot controller done by a group of final year mechatronics undergraduates (BET in Mechatronics) at UniKL Malaysia France Institute. A mobile robot integrated with a WIFI Webcam for home security purposes has been developed and called R2D Home Security robot. The R2D capable to operate with 2 different modes AUTO mode and MANUAL mode where it controller is dedicated to navigate it by: moving forward and reverse, detecting obstacle and presence of human movement, detecting high temperature arises, and controlling a camera viewing area. The R2D have been controlled using two types of controller separately. A Programmable Logic Controller (OMRON CPM2A) has been used in the first place, followed by a microcontroller PIC Interface Free Controller (IFC). The comparison of the controller will focus on; interfacing of the controller with the hardware such as sensors and motor drivers, the programming language, programming capacity, future development works, and expandable functionality of R2D itself. With some tabulates of result and testing both controllers applied to R2D had given numerous advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation
Description: Conference Venue : UniKL MFI
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