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Title: Performance Analysis of Dedicated Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Engine
Authors: Nor Hisham, Jasmin, M.S. M.M.
Edilan, Jufriadi M.M.
Bakar, M.A.
Keywords: Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
Dedicated CNG system
Engine performance
Specific fuel Comsumption
Brake power
Brake mean effective pressure
Issue Date: 16-Nov-2013
Abstract: A comparative study is being performed on Renault F3R engine, a four cylinder four-stroke spark ignition which was converted to a dedicated Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) system. The study concentrates on engine performance parameters such as brake specific fuel consumption (bsfc), brake power (BP), and brake mean effective pressure (bmep). The experiment is performed by using Chassis dynamometer to compare the performance between dedicated CNG engine and gasoline engine (before converted to Dedicated CNG). The collected data was analyzed to assess the overall performance of the engine at several engine speeds. The study shows that the modification of gasoline to dedicated CNG engine almost give similar performance compare to gasoline engine. This is means that a lot factors need to be considered besides of engine geometry modification such as CNG composition, environment condition, experimental set up and etc.
Description: Conference Venue : UniKL MFI
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