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Title: Composite Compression Container
Authors: Abdulla N.A Thanoon
Issue Date: 19-Jan-2003
Abstract: Composite compression container is reducing most of the disadvantage of a waste and dirt, those who have used food storage containers will tell you that there are so many benefits associated with them. The first benefit is that these food containers allow you to avoid commercial foods that support the food on the plane made.Another advantage of food storage containers is that they are easier to present the cabin crew to passengers. Compared with other alternatives are available they are much more easily and serve the purpose satisfactorily. They serve as a good way to save time especially when so many passengers. Once again. Containers are available in various sizes and designs and come in a variety of abilities. For most of them, have uses that are not fixed. Composite compression container is revolutionary product introduce in aviation industry.This product applicable to reduce and multifunctional save the environment and easier work to clean up the waste and keep the space by pressing the meal waste include the drainage system that could separated the liquid after meal and pressure composite system that effectively functional.
Description: Diploma In Aircraft Maintenance Technology (Composite), October 2011
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