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Authors: MOHAMAD NABIL BIN MOHD IZAM (56212221012)
Keywords: food industry
supply chain
Issue Date: 11-Jun-2024
Abstract: The Just-In-Time (JIT) Delivery is a cost cutting method for logistic management at the factory or company. It is a supply chain management approach that originated in Japan and has been widely adopted in various industries around the world. JIT was initially created and applied by Toyota in the 1950s as a component of the Toyota Production System (TPS), which intended to reduce waste, decrease inventory, and boost manufacturing process efficiency. The reason this research is to be tested to see that why JIT does not implemented in food industry. According to Kaur (2023), The Chairman of Malayan Flour's statement emphasizes the potential risks and difficulties faced by industries that heavily rely on raw materials and effective supply chains. Geopolitical tensions, natural disasters, fluctuating exchange rates, and regulatory changes are just a few examples of the uncertainties that could cause supply chain bottlenecks and disrupt commodity prices. The objectives are to determine the barriers to adopt JIT delivery principles in GFM inventory management and to identify the connection between JIT delivery and the cost-cutting measures in GFM inventory management. The research was examined at Gemini Flour Mills Sdn. Bhd., Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. The methods used are basically an open-ended and close-ended questionnaire being distributed to employees and mean analysis been used for objective 1 and Spearman Correlation used to interpret the data for objective 2. The result shows at the end that the JIT adoption barriers are agreed by the sample size and they mentioned that JIT does not suitable for food industry due to many reasons such as natural disaster, fluctuating commodity price and etc. although they agreed that JIT is a good cost cutting measures system to be implemented.
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