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Title: Selection of Lean Tools in Manufacturing Company towards Productivity Using AHP Method
Authors: Ahmad Nur Aizat Ahmad
Md Fauzi Ahmad
Norhadilah Abdul Hamid
Rumaizah Ruslan
Lee Tee Chuan
Gusman Nawanir
Adnan Bakri
Mustaqqim Abdul Rahim
Issue Date: 16-Jul-2023
Abstract: Lean tools is known as philosophy, a method and management skills to increase productivity by eliminating the waste in manufacturing environment. Every sector in manufacturing implementing lean tools since it applicable. Due to this issue, the purpose of this research is to select five over seven lean tools to rank the lean tools based on the frequent implemented at manufacturing company in Malaysia. Lean tools that are selected in this research were 5S, Value Stream Mapping (VSM), Kanban, Kaizen, Just in Time (JIT) and Standardized Work aims to outline the ranking hierarchy. There are 20 respondents based on four selected manufacturing company. This research used Multi Criteria Decision making and Analytic Hierarchy Process, AHP with EVM multiple inputs version 2018. The consistency ratio positive and the result shows only 5S, Kanban, JIT, VSM and Standardized Work commonly implemented in manufacturing. The highest rank is 5S and the last rank is Kanban. This study served as research reference for academicians related to lean manufacturing.
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