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Title: Automated Chicken Coop Management System to Improve the Quality of Chicken Production
Authors: Ernie Mazuin Mohd Yusof
Mohamad Faridzul Hakim Noor Sarkawi
Norziana Yahya
Keywords: Automation
Chicken coop management
Chicken quality
Issue Date: 6-Jul-2023
Abstract: Chicken poultry is one of the important economic segments in the agricultural sector in Malaysia today. Chicken production in Malaysia has been increased gradually due to the standardized farming management and good manufacturing practices. There are few parameters that affect the health of a chicken such as temperature, water, and food supplies. These parameters need to be controlled in order to maintain the production and quality of chicken. With the advent of automation, a traditional chicken coop management system can be improved. Therefore, this study focuses on the development of an automated chicken coop management system prototype. Among the main hardware used for the project is the Arduino Mega board and sensors to control and monitor the parameters like temperature, water, and food level in the chicken coop. The parameters can also be monitored through a mobile Blynk application. The results indicate that with a more systematic control of the environmental factors that affect the health of a chicken, an ideal environmental condition can be achieved and maintained in the chicken coop.
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