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Title: A Review on Critical Success Factors for Maintenance Management of Laboratory and Workshop Facilities in TVET Institution
Authors: Adnan Bakri
Munir Faraj Almbrouk Alkbir
Nuha Awang
Mohd Zul Waqar Mohd Tohid
Fatihhi Januddi
Mohd Anuar Ismail
Ahmad Nur Aizat Ahmad
Izatul Husna Zakaria
Keywords: Critical success factors
Laboratory and workshop facilities
Maintenance management
Issue Date: 6-Jul-2023
Abstract: Strengthening of TVET institutions is vital toward producing a knowledgeable, skilled and competence workforce for the industry. The heart of TVET education is about practicing psychomotor skills through a direct engagement with the laboratory and workshop facilities. Therefore, it demands an effective maintenance management toward ensuring a 100% availability of those facilities. Nevertheless, the literature portrays that many of TVET institutions worldwide are struggling to maintain their laboratory and workshop facilities. Thus, this review study aimed at revealing the uncovered issue related to maintenance management of laboratory and workshop facilities at technical and vocational education and training (TVET) institution. Secondary data based on previous research was gathered and scrutinized to extract a key critical success factors (CSFs) for managing the maintenance activities of laboratory and workshop facilities at TVET institution. Based on analysis, it was summarized that there are seven CSFs having the most significant impact toward improving the maintenance activities for TVET institution. All those CSFs constructs were then integrated in a simple yet self-explanatory framework to convey the conceptual idea to all stakeholders involved in managing the maintenance activities within TVET institutions. It is believed that the framework developed would benefit as an indicator and guideline in improving the maintenance activities for laboratory and workshop facilities at TVET institution.
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