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Title: Mobile Flood Detector Alert System
Authors: Ayob, Dr. Mohd Zaki
A Rahim, Muhammad Syarifuddin
Keywords: mobile flood detector, GPS, flood mitigation
Issue Date: 9-Jan-2023
Abstract: Flash floods are devastating to all, especially in lowland regions. Information relay is very important in flood mitigation. Typical solutions in relaying flood information are statically built near bridges or along flood-prone roads. In contrast, Mobile Flood Detector Alert System (Mobile FDAS) is a project that sends alert of flood incidents to motorists via electronics fitted onto 4WD vehicle that has the capability to drive through flooded roads. This mobility ensures flood levels to be captured by ultrasonic sensors ‘locally’ and sent over to dashboard as Telegram bot notifications. Severe levels are broadcasted on a digital map showing actual GPS locations. Motorists should be able to make informed decision based on conditions affecting roads ahead of their current location, for instance, taking a detour away from heavy flood areas. Mobile FDAS prototype electronics which employed ESP32 as the controller has successfully been constructed, and initial test results show compliance to the objectives. Future work will improvise the flood level sensing subsystem and wireless connectivity matters.
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