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Title: Development of Smart Room for Automated Lighting and Fan by Using IoT Application
Authors: A Bakar, Dr. Mohd Izhar
Uddin, Syed Mohammed
Aslam, Talha
Arsyad, Mohd Amir
Keywords: Arduino UNO, Temperature, IoT, Light, Fan, DHT11, ESP8266
Issue Date: 9-Jan-2023
Abstract: This prototype is a stand-alone automated light and fan speed controller that regulates the strength of the light and speed of an electric fan according to our specifications. This closed-loop feedback control system is made effective and stable by the use of smart sensors. First, in a home model, the device is designed to operate with appliances. The Arduino Uno facilitates faster and more flexible control. The DHT11 temperature sensor detects the temperature and processes the temperature into an electrical (analog) signal applied to the microcontroller. To control the fan speed, the Arduino Uno drives transistors. For light, light is used to detect the brightness of light, depending on the light dependent resistor (LDR) sensor. The core of the circuit is the Arduino Uno microcontroller, as it handles all the functions. Finally, to make the device user-friendly, a basic user interface is developed, completing the design of the home automation system. Using only an app on a laptop and mobile connect to ESP8266 Wi-Fi microchip, a wireless network connection was made to Arduino Uno, enabling the appliances in the home model to be managed.
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