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Title: Critical Success Factor of Trusted Elements for Mobile Health Records Management: A Review of Conceptual Models
Authors: Ismail, Azman
Mat Yatin, Saiful Farik
Zulkipli, Fatin Nur
Hussin, Nurussobah
Keywords: records management
records trust
health information technology
Electronic health record
mobile health record
Issue Date: 19-Dec-2022
Abstract: Abstract: Health Information Technology such as Mobile Health Record Management (MHRM) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) depend on each other in maintaining the patients’ medical record. For maintaining trust specifically in health information technology development, the relationship among the patients, providers and clinicians needs to be maintained. The present study consists of the understanding of the importance of the trusted elements of mobile health (mHealth) record management implementation in government hospitals. Covid-19 pandemic situation force obeying the technological approach in healthcare delivery. Technology gives a big impact on healthcare industry that deals with confidential data and human life. The increased use of mobile in records management in the wrong way leads the practitioner and communities towards poor quality, security problems, and meaningless data. To fulfil this objective, the conceptual framework has been developed by producing the trust elements for the implementation of mHealth apps in hospitals. Secondary data have been used and analyses to justify the objectives of the study. The findings and discussion have been evolved on correlating the existing literature and the analyses data. Five trusted elements for MHRM have been found: Governance, Professional skills and competency, Mobile Health Records Management (MHRM), Sustainability and, Technological. This paper has evolved the use of electronic health records in the health organizations for the accessibility of trust data and timely access. The involvement success factors of trust elements avoid the petty problem, and inefficient process but giving users convenient and instant access to patients' records.
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ISSN: 2156-5570
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