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Title: Thermal Characteristics of Electrically Conductive Adhesives (ECAs): Study on Micro- and Nano-Sized Silver Particle Effect
Authors: M. Zulkarnain
M. Mariatti
Zulzamri Salleh
Keywords: Thermal conductivity
Particle structure
Electrically conductive adhesives (ECAs)
Particle contact resistance
Issue Date: 28-Jan-2022
Abstract: The electrically conductive adhesives (ECAs) composite of micro- (2–3.5 μm of diameter) and nano-sized (80 nm in diameter) silver (Ag) particle effect were prepared by using the epoxy polymer. The characteristics of particles size are analysed on the synergistic effect in thermal conductivity that respect to volume fraction (vol.%). In both micro- and nano-particles study, the volume fraction factor which is set in the range of 2–8 vol.%. The hybrid-sized technique is proposed by using the volume ratios of the micro- and nano-sized particles. During hybrid process, the combination size is varied in three sets: 75:25, 50:50, and 25:75 (the number on the left indicates the micro-sized particle content, while nano-sized on the right side). A significant improvement in the optimization of the particles dispersion synergistic effect on thermal conductivity has been obtained with new techniques in the experimental data. The influence of the hybrid filler composition on the thermal properties of the hybrid system was studied. A positive effect was observed in the thermal conductivity result when the composition of micro- and nano-sized Ag particles reached a 75:25 weight ratio. The nano-sized Ag particles became interconnecting particles in the interstitial spaces between micro-sized particles.
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ISBN: 978-981-15-0002-2
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