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Title: Tensile Properties of Diffusion Bonded Duplex Stainless Steel to Low Carbon Steel
Authors: Baharudin, Bakhtiar Ariff
Hussain, Patthi
Ayob, Fauzuddin
Ab Rahman, Fauziah
Megat Khalid, Puteri Zarina
Abdul Hamid, Darulihsan
Keywords: Diffusion bonding
Dissimilar metals
Duplex stainless steel
Issue Date: 28-Jan-2022
Abstract: The diffusion bonding is one of the methods used to join dissimilar metals. Specimens of duplex stainless steel and low carbon steel were joined by diffusion bonding under varied temperature and holding time. The specimens were clamped using jigs and heated in a furnace. Tensile test was performed on the joined samples. The effect of bonding time and holding temperature on tensile strength and quality of the diffusion bonds were observed. Tensile strength of the joints was examined and the highest tensile strength of 116.12 MPa are obtained at temperatures of 900 °C and holding time of 180 min.
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ISSN: 2195-4364
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