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Title: Microstructure Evaluation of Photovoltaic Solar Panel’s Interconnection: A Review
Authors: Abdul Hamid, Sabarina
Zulkifli, Muhammad Nubli
Keywords: interconnection
microstructure characterization
Issue Date: 2021
Abstract: This paper aims to review the methodologies used to conduct microstructure evaluation of the photovoltaic (PV) interconnection. This analysis is important to identify the microstructural properties of the interconnection for failure analysis purposes. The interconnection becomes a major concern towards the efficiency and reliability of PV technology. In this paper, the common techniques used for the interconnection technology such as soldering, conductive adhesive and ultrasonic were presented with the assessment method to identify the failure mode and failure mechanism at the bonding interface. The identification of the failure mode and failure mechanism through visual analysis and conformation of failure phenomenon was important to highlight the risks and develop the countermeasures. The evaluation of microstructure characterization techniques in the electronics and PV industry has been presented by identifying the outcomes of each technique with different reliability tests. The discoveries of failure analysis in the electronics industry were more matured and becomes the reference to the PV development. The outcomes from this review could be beneficial to improve the interconnection bond in the PV industry by eliminating or minimizing the failure through design modification at the earliest point in the development process.
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