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Title: Resveratrol: Latest scientific evidences of its chemical, biological activities and therapeutic potentials
Authors: Nur Mursyida Saad
Sekar, Mahendran
Gan, Siew Hua
Lum, Pei Teng
Vaijanathappa, Jaishree
Ravi, Subban
Keywords: Bioavailability
Inflammatory cytokines
Molecular targets
Issue Date: Nov-2020
Publisher: EManuscript Technologies
Citation: Nur Mursyida Saad, Sekar, M., Gan, S. H., Lum, P. T., Vaijanathappa, J., & Ravi, S. (2020). Resveratrol: Latest Scientific Evidences of its Chemical, Biological Activities and Therapeutic Potentials. Pharmacognosy Journal, 12(6s), 1779–1791.
Abstract: Background: Resveratrol is a non-flavonoid polyphenol possesses many biological properties with great potential to develop into various products. In order to cure a wide variety of diseases, resveratrol has attracted a great deal of attention for medicinal purposes. Objective: The present review aimed to provide a comprehensive literature summary of latest scientific evidences on the chemistry, biological properties and therapeutic potentials of resveratrol. Methods: To complete this review, relevant literatures were collected from several scientific databases, including Google Scholar, Pubmed and ScienceDirect, using keywords “source”, “chemistry”, “bioavailability”, “pharmacokinetics”, “isolation”, “anticancer”, “analgesic”, “anti-inflammatory”, “antidiabetic”, “nephroprotective activity”, “neuroprotective activity”, “anti-obesity”, “cardioprotective effects”, “antioxidant”, “anti-aging” with resveratrol. After a detailed screening process for inclusion and exclusion, the information obtained was summarised. Results: The information on the source, chemistry, bioavailability, biological and therapeutic potentials of resveratrol were tabled. In various pathological conditions, resveratrol can be considered as powerful antioxidants along with multidimensional molecular targets such as NF-ҡB, MAPK, AMPK, SIRT-1, Nrf-2, m-TOR, PI3K/Akt and PPAR-γ signaling pathways. Conclusion: Based on the existing knowledge, we may believe that resveratrol has a significant therapeutic potential for the treatment of various diseases. To accelerate the development and utilization of resveratrol as promising products, in-depth studies should be focused on exploiting its properties and developing phytopharmaceuticals.
ISSN: 09753575
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