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dc.contributor.authorZainol, Ismail-
dc.contributor.authorAhmad, Z.M.-
dc.contributor.authorRidwan, S. N.-
dc.contributor.authorZ., M. Zaifurizal-
dc.contributor.authorDahalan, M. R.-
dc.contributor.authorKamal, A.-
dc.contributor.authorSalleh, Zulzamri-
dc.contributor.authorUniKL MIMET-
dc.identifier.citationZainol, I., Ahmad, Z. M., Ridwan, S. N., Zaifurizal, Z. M., Dahalan, M. R., Kamal, A., & Salleh, Z. (2020). Carbon Emissions Measurement Using Portable Emission Device in Coastal Fishing Boats. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering, 339–349.
dc.description.abstractThis paper measure the carbon emission from small scale fishing boats. Carbon emissions were measured from two types Class A Malaysian fishing boats marine engines covering various size of inboard engines and outboard engines. The gas emission analyser MSA Altair 5x used is portable and easy to handle. Selected fishing boats were sampled from a total of 664 fishing boats operates in Manjung, Perak. The results of carbon emission measurement were presented in parts per million (ppm). The outboard powered fishing boats recorded the highest carbon value in ppm about 2000 ppm meanwhile inboard powered fishing boats constitutes slightly less carbon emission with 379 ppm. The results signify that outboard engine fueled by petrol producing more carbon value if compared with inboard diesel engine. These results can be an initial data for carbon emission inventory for local fishing boats.en_US
dc.publisherSpringer Singaporeen_US
dc.subjectCarbon emissionen_US
dc.subjectFishing boatsen_US
dc.subjectAltair 5xen_US
dc.titleCarbon Emissions Measurement Using Portable Emission Device in Coastal Fishing Boatsen_US
dc.typeBook chapteren_US
dc.conference.name2nd Regional Conference on Mechanical and Marine Engineering, ReMME 2018; Ipoh; Malaysiaen_US
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