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Title: An integrated model on airport terminal level of satisfaction for service quality evaluation: A proposal
Authors: Zirawani Baharum
Azliza Yacob
Siti Fatimah Zahra Abdul Hamid
Fauziah Abdul Rahman
Keywords: Air Transportation
Airport Terminal
Quality Service
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Warse
Citation: Baharum, Z. (2020). An Integrated Model on Airport Terminal Level of Satisfaction for Service Quality Evaluation: A Proposal. International Journal of Advanced Trends in Computer Science and Engineering, 9(1.3), 247–250.
Abstract: In the era of high competition and massive information, airport industry are more rely on service quality (SQ) to distinguish themselves from competitors by fulfil customer’s satisfaction. Unfortunately, the inherent characteristics of SQ create the difficulties for service practitioners in customer satisfaction evaluation. Generally, many research are adopt SERVQUAL or SERVPERF to measure or evaluate the customer satisfaction of SQ. Nevertheless, there are no specific model to measure the level of satisfaction (LOS) at the airport terminal to fulfil the airport service quality (ASQ). Hence, model of ASQ is important to adequate customer satisfaction for time to time. Therefore, the objective of this research is to propose the integrated model of airport terminal level of satisfaction (ATLOS) in order to provide the best solution for air transportation and mobility industry. The methodology begin by identify all the causes that affect to the ASQ through comprehensive literature review. Then, the suitable design of ATLOS model will be proposed by integrate all the criteria of LOS with all dimensions in SERVQUAL and SERVPERF. Next, the model will be evaluated and analysed through the data collection. This research will contribute empower to airport management in evaluates their ASQ and do improvement for unpleasant services.
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ISSN: 2278-3091
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