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Title: Tool Wear Analysis Of Ceramic Cutting Tools In The Turning Of Gray Cast Iron Materials
Authors: Lubis, S
Darmawan, S
Winata, W
Zulkarnain, M
Keywords: Turning
Build Up Edge
Ceramic Insert
Tool Wear
Gray Cast Iron
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: IOPscience
Citation: Lubis, S., Darmawan, S., Rosehan, Winata, W., & Zulkarnain, M. (2020). Tool wear analysis of ceramic cutting tools in the turning of gray cast iron materials. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 857(1).
Abstract: The development of mechanical and physical properties of metal materials is so fast, that it requires cutting tools that are capable of cutting the metal.Cutting tools must have high temperature resistance, high wear and hardness. Ceramic cutting tools have these properties, so they are suitable for use in cutting hard metals. In the metal machining process, especially machining of cast iron which has high hardness and strength, has a strong reason to use the ceramic cutting tool.This research was conducted to determine wear on ceramic cutting tools when cutting cast iron.The study was carried out experimentally using a Mazak CNC lathe.When the turning process is done, the cutting tool cuts the metal cast iron. Every 10 minutes, the turning process is stopped to observe and measure the wear that occurs on the ceramic cutting tool. Observations and measurements are carried out using a digital microscope.The wear criteria are determined if the tool edge (VB) has been worn at 0.3 mm.The results showed that wear at the cutting speed of 200 m/min at 60 minutes is an adhesion process. BUE (Build Up Edge) wear is a buildup of material layers in the chip area near the cutting tool.
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ISSN: 17578981
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