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Title: Risk Assessment Of Fishing Trawl Activities To Subsea Pipelines Of Sabah And Labuan Waters
Authors: Ahmad Fuad, Ahmad Faizal
Said, Mohd Hafizi
Samo, Khalid
A. Rahman, Mohd Asamudin
Mohd, Mohd Hairil
Ismail Zainol
Keywords: Fishing Trawl
Subsea Pipelines
Issue Date: 23-Jul-2020
Publisher: Hindawi
Citation: Fuad, A. F. A., Said, M. H., Samo, K., Rahman, M. A. A., Mohd, M. H., & Zainol, I. (2020). Erratum: Risk assessment of fishing trawl activities to subsea pipelines of sabah and labuan waters (The Scientific World Journal (2020) 2020 (6957171) DOI: 10.1155/2020/6957171). Scientific World Journal, 2020.
Abstract: Trawling is a method of catching fish in a large volume where fish nets are pulled through water using one or two boats. Bottom trawling is where the nets are pulled over on the seabed. The gear of the bottom trawling would impact the exposed subsea pipeline, on the seabed. Subsea pipelines transport crude oil and gas from the offshore platform to shore facility. This study assesses the risk of fish trawling activities to the subsea pipelines at Sabah and Labuan offshore. The specification of trawl equipment used by local trawlers in Sabah was determined by the on-site survey. The frequency of a fish trawler crossing over the pipelines was calculated based interview on operation and site survey. The calculation of the pull-over load of the otter board was calculated using the DNVGL algorithm. The severity and frequency index of the risk matrix was developed based on literature review. Results showed that the pull-over load of the otter board would not damage the pipelines. The risk posed by the fish trawler activity to the pipelines is low and moderate.
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ISSN: 23566140
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